Dylannn Roof, Garbage Dump of the system that Blew up

So the judge who charged Roof with 9 counts of murder and gun’s possession added that we also have additional victims, speaking about the shooters “family”. I find that comment particularly disturbing because it plays right into the way our system dysfunctionally “works” in that, we dump our garbage on the youth, on the future then blame them when they act crazy. This 21 year old is Not Solely responsible for the way he is, for the attitudes he adopted. The conditions this kid was raised in has no bearing on how he turned out?? There is NO chance in HELL then, of us ever having a civil society, of “ADULTS” ever taking responsibility, acknowledging their errors and how they’ve failed the youth and the future. The young are clearly here to simply inherit the Psychological and emotional pollution/debt of their “parents” and the system.
For this country to solely blame this 21 year old child without saying, “Gee, I think we steered this young man wrong somewhere along the line”, means the vicious cycle will go on forever and this will happen again and again! The youth have NO Future in this Country and they know it! The young KNOW and feel they were screwed by the system that only uses them to keep the status quo going. The system NEEDS criminals!! Is the system going to let this kid be an actor, an athlete, a scientist, a writer?? Are his “parent’s” capable of Raising him to be a healthy contributor to society? Why is Dylann Roof not a writer or musician? Because the system didn’t Raise him to be! No one taught him and people are shocked when what has been invested in for 21 years comes back and “Matures!” The Space and Future are all taken up by EXXON, MONSANTO, The Koch Bros,  banks and Corps who have taken up ALL the space and control Nature leaving NO room for anyone to grow healthily and naturally. They have TOTAL control and have hijacked the lives of too many youth. This Planet has limits! The $$ System is at WAR WITH NATURE! The 2 are COLLIDING. It’s CLEAR. It doesn’t get any clearer.
The system/family MADE this kid what it Needs him to be! What the system Needs at the expense of the young and the future! I’ve said it in many blogs about the family. It proves the fact that the young are here to inherit the “Bill”. Someone taught this kid, “raised” him, influenced him. He picked this attitude up from someone and somewhere. Some “adult/s” is responsible for how this kid turned out and whoever doesn’t stand up and admit it, if society doesn’t say, “we created this”, “We need to change the system” then, we’re finished. Dylann Roof didn’t appear out of no where. His condition has been brewing for years and others helped create him. The “Family” is NO different than EXXON and Shell Oil that Dumps it’s pollution on the vulnerable. This 21 year old is the Sum total of all the Psych toxic waste that he was “raised” on and now we’re going to blame Him for being Frankenstein? Along with the GMO “food”, the propaganda of the Media, the break down of the family, the polluted environment, the Collapsing economy and the Criminals with $$ who get away with it, and we think the young are not going to feel any of it and express it back at us?
There is something SEVERELY wrong with the nervous system of many people in our society. We are TRULY lacking in health and fitness with the natural world and it’s creating such a disconnect we might never be able to recover from.
Unless enough people recognize the feedback coming at us from nature we will never learn the lesson and will continue to pollute our youth and the environment.
People are completely ARROGANT to not see this kid as a sign that this society has gone in a tragic direction and is going even further into it unless we radically change course.
The family members of the victims are “forgiving” this 21 year old who hasn’t even admitted it, hasn’t even apologized or made any attempt at an amends. Forgiveness MUST be EARNED! People need to understand that things MUST come from NATURE and be legit, not coerced or from the neck up and forced because of what the bible says. I’m sorry but I don’t believe the Bible says to “forgive” disturbed 21 years old who intentionally kill your family member without apology. That is NOT forgiveness, that’s being an accomplice.
I’m just talking about what’s natural and healthy here. People need to let themselves Feel what they feel! It’s healthy to have RAGE at what this kid did to their family member. People need to learn how Natural Law Works. The feelings we don’t Own in ourselves get projected out and come back to us in people like Dylann Roof.
I studied Psych all my life and what I know for certain that John Bradshaw wrote about in Healing the Shame that Binds you,, We need to embrace ALL the parts of ourselves. ALL the parts of ourselves are OK. For the family of the victims to be “forgiving” this kid this soon and not allowing themselves to go through the process of grieving in a healthy way and let themselves FEEL LEGITIMATE ANGER and RAGE, and despite the fact that Roof hasn’t asked for forgiveness, hasn’t earned it by admitting what he did and expressing Any remorse is just being on the side of the Illness.


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