Jeffrey Sterling was jailed for exposing the CIA PONZI Scheme

In the interview I did with David Swanson on 2 of his articles, one entitled; CIA on trial in Virginia, the other, the CIA revealed more than they accused Jeff Sterling of.
In the first article, David Swanson was not saying that the CIA was actually on trial and yet, that’s exactly what it resembled. He said the trial of Jeffrey Sterling was not about prosecuting Jeffrey Sterling. There was no direct evidence linking JS to James Risen except for circumstantial “meta data”, the very thing the NSA says they “only” look at when spying on Americans and which was found to be Unconstitutional when looked at in bulk. So JS can be jailed for going to Congress and going through the proper channels with his concerns, as he’s trained to do, just so he could be scape-goated and end up with a 3 1/2 year prison sentence, for, basically, embarrassing the “gov”.
Like Carbon bubbles rising to the top of a glass of soda, the healthy and courageous of this country will rise but, instead of being recognized for having the moral high bar and courage they deserve, the U.S. “Gov” makes them an example of a Criminals. Which, naturally, to the U.S. “Gov”, they ARE! But, to the people they are who we should aspire to be! And what are We doing to help those who are paving the road to freedom for us with their imprisonment?
David Swanson talked about No Media being in the court room. No mainstream of course and not even alt media.
These are the types of issues I would be covering if I had the funds. People NEED to vote with their $$ and divert $ to supporting what’s just and moral and away from $ representing corruption and a full blown Militarization of our society. The Corps and bankers have diverted $ away from justice and humanity and use it for oppression and imprisonment, we must flip it. We counter them, like a huge wrestling match before we’re in a full blown choke hold with NO leverage at all!
Look to physics and Natural Law and away from the PTB double speak. Look at the reality and not the words. The PTB are the Criminals! They will crush anyone who exposes them.


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