Social FITNESS, Live according to FACTS

The need was very obvious years ago and is even more obvious now for healthier relationship skills.
We have so much Co-Dependency going on in the White House, Congress and other high levels it’s destroying our country and world.
The need for emotional health, relationship skills, healthy boundary setting was in dire need decades ago and is even more so today. I never would have thought that we would be living in an openly corrupt, oppressive, unequal, abusive country. I would have thought by now we would be well on our way towards healthy communities, healthy relationships and families and a more just and fair system for all.
After growing up in such stress and abuse of power there was an obvious need to get moving in a better direction yet, no one but me was interested. The mentality of $ as the only value over protecting and cultivating real worth in families and communities was the norm.
I would attribute it to those in the neighborhood not having the self confidence to feel they deserve a community they could take pride in. Why live less-than when we can live better, was my feeling. Why not have the best relationships possible and feel supported by people in your family and community. I couldn’t believe people were satisfied living the way we were. I, of course, was not satisfied and felt such a strong need for better.
If this is the way “family” and community treat each other is it any surprise the ptb treat us as commodities and want to exterminate us? We have been bowing to them all our lives! Why?? It was so clear to me decades ago that the people rob from the very people they should be protecting and supporting to transfer that energy to the PTB. Rob their self worth and self confidence and keep their children from growing up healthy and vibrant so those with too much leverage already can have more leverage.
I feel it’s important to stress these points because too many people are completely unconscious to their poor social and relationship habits and they do not know how to have healthy exchange. People are so bad at healthy relating, I feel, and are in desperate need of a better relationship Economy.
The family has an economy just like society. The way parents interact with each other and their children determine. The economic health of the family. If parents do not get along and do not know how to resolve conflict, if parents have unfinished emotional issues they haven’t resolved, if parents can’t be honest and work out problems as they come up, if parents don’t allow their children to express valid feelings, the accounting of the family will be out of balance and it will be evident. The symptoms will be right there staring back. The question is, will it be acknowledged?
I remember what a friend said over the weekend about her sister yelling at her. I said in a previous blog I’m not advocating yelling at people but, I do understand how people get so frustrated, emotions need to come out in unskilled ways because healthy communication is not the norm. If we lived in a healthier society where it was encouraged and people practiced communication skills, active listening, giving others the space to feel what they feel. Mirroring back to others what we heard them say. These are the techniques I’ve been advocating for decades.
If we don’t value ourselves and other enough to make an effort to practice these kinds of skills, we will only get the community we deserve. Don’t people want the most intimate, close, connected, respectful, satisfying, fulfilling and loving relationships we can possibly have? Who doesn’t want that? Are people willing to make the effort? It’s hard enough to get people to exercise physically never mind socially. But, if all we do is work for $ and do not cultivate and take care of what’s really important, where will we end up? We’ve created this society, this imbalance and inequality. We must take a good hard look at it so we can turn it around. Just like in any personal relationship, if we begin getting abused, or we find out a spouse is cheating what are we going to do? Stay? Live with it? Or work to change our habits? It doesn’t even have to be so drastic as abuse or infidelity. It can just be taking each other for granted.
My point is that, relationships are just like farming. They take effort and we need to cultivate them to get the best nutrition out of them. We want to have organic relationships, not GMO ones. In order to do that we must live in truth and honesty.
It’s the people who screw themselves and their own children by crushing honest feelings and not allowing children to grow freely. This makes people physically sick when they’re “adults”. My friends sister obviously feels she was not heard and compensated for her pain. My friends attitude that her sister has to “let it go” and “get out of the past” is what is creating the unsustainable family economy and bad habits. People need to accept and deal with what’s real. The body does not lie and speaks truth. People feel what they feel. Feelings are facts. Why is it that the Bankers and Corps can behave blatantly excessively and yet when our own friends or family has a legit outburst we criminalize them? The people are the ones unconsciously keeping themselves down and the ptb oppressing us because we’ve been neglecting what’s real for what’s fake. People don’t even know what’s real. What has real value that’s why they let it deteriorate for fake $. It starts with self worth. If people were not loved and respected and don’t have true self worth, they will be forced to hide behind something fake.
These bad habits are how the people have created the monster Sociopath system we are now living in. WE fed the monster until it’s now So extreme they’re “too big to jail?” The Corps and banks have So much power that we can’t even do anything about it now? We’re going to continue on with our bad habits even though they’ve created such a blatant disaster instead of tuning our behavior around and steering in another direction?
My friend said the me that she’s apologized to her sister for what ever transgressions the sister said she felt so why isn’t her sister “over it?”. This attitude of “why doesn’t natural law do what we want?”. How dare nature make things challenging. How dare it not be easy and “micro-waveable”. How dare nature not lower it’s standards to us so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable feelings and feel bad about ourselves. How dare our disingenuous, “oh, hurry it up and get over it already” GMO, ways not be good enough for nature and reality. How dare nature not be satisfied with our lack of fitness and give us honest feedback showing us we’re not quite there yet. What else do we have better to do?
If we’re not being more present and dealing with important issues that require our full attention and presence then, what are we doing? We’re creating GMO and debt.
Nature demands quality. Nature demands presence and diligence in order for things to be done in Reality. Nature cannot be skipped over. The facts that we’re trying to skip crucial parts will constantly be coming back at us. Why not listen? Why continue resisting truth? Why continue adding more debt and making the scale more out of balance? Why is it so hard to tell the truth? Why do people in “power” go to such lengths to pile on more lies and debt to cover up when all that does is expose them even more?


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