Psych DEBT and American Flag Waving

Many people do not pay much attention to nature and health. I’ve made it my daily practice to live in the math. The answer is the answer, like it or not. I had no idea it would turn out to be such an unpopular way to live. I had no idea that, “simply”, living in reality and basic truth was so radical and criminal. But, the older I get and the more time that passes, the more blatant it becomes that these simple, basic truths and rights have been sold to the highest bidder and that “truth” was now owned and was not truth anymore. Truth and reality is whatever those who stole all the $ and power want it to be. I thought that was only in my house when I was young. I was wrong.
I engaged in fitness, yoga and meditation all my life for the simple reason of receiving the truth. Interacting with physics while exercising gets you truth, period. Feeling that I wasn’t getting truth back from people, those in power don’t give you real, clean feedback. They give you what ever they want. They give you back their discarded emotional garbage. My body always felt that the feedback I was receiving from who ever had “power” was making me emotionally & physically ill. A clear sign that what I was being fed wasn’t right, wasn’t good, wasn’t healthy. At such an early age the only thing I should have been fed was truth, support, protection and validation. Nature is too intelligent to not know what is healthy and what isn’t.
Was I going to listen to a “parent”, neighbors or extended family or was I going to listen to my gut and what my own body KNEW? Both should have been one in the same, not in opposition. It was a no-brainer. I couldn’t Not listen to my own body even if I tried. Natural Law is going to assert itself no matter what. Nature is correct. Nature and the body are the most intelligent and what we align with when we learn to walk and ride a bike. Yet, when NL gives feedback people don’t like at times they don’t want it, they not only ignore it they actually deny and dismiss it.  Even fight to the death with it and send themselves further and further into Mental debt. It’s literally the OPPOSITE of how we learn to walk or ride a bike. Imagine as kids if we did that. If we fought natures feedback and it’s signals while trying to learn to walk or roller skate, that would be pretty sick and yet that’s exactly the way many people live. Because the “Powers” that Be have so much invested in the lie, in the in- authenticity, they use all their fake power and fake $ that they attained by MIS- aligning themselves with NL and use it to MIS align the people. And many people follow.
Most of the flag wavers at the flag burning event last night under an incredible full moon, which came a bit later, admitted that the U. S. Has many problems. I put out to some of them the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act that grants Obama the mis aligned power to indefinitely detain any American citizen he feels like under suspicion of “terrorism”, which is also another  mis- alignment, without their Constitutional right to due process under law.
So, the mis-aligned “President” of the United States is Mis-aligning with the Constitution instead of aligning with it and people are here at Ft. Greene park in Brooklyn, NY on the eve of July 1st waving flags and chanting “USA, USA”, “America, love it or leave it”, “try going to Syria and be free” and “America is the greatest country”. More forms of mis-alignment.
Again, to be truly authentic a person has to be aligned with physics and NL, like a great baseball player, surfer or Rock Climber. It’s impossible to cheat unless you’re on steroids.
This “gov” has sold the people out to Corp interest and Wall St bankers, passed the debt onto them, no one has been held responsible, millions of lives ruined, people losing homes through fraudulent, predatory mortgage lending and yet, despite all these facts, people still held to their mis-aligned flag waving.
One lady I interviewed who said she remembered me from an END the FED rally a couple of years ago, who was also a flag waver and “america love it or leave it”  could not respond when she was presented with FACTS. People simply have a mental block when it comes to hearing information they simply do not want to hear.
This is the Opposite of how we originally learned to walk or ride a bike. When the feedback is presented, the Facts are presented, that should be enough to get a person to adjust themselves with the new information.
The problem is,, just like the banks and the Corps, these people have Way too much invested in the LIE. They are so emotionally invested in it,, it’s like a spouse cheating, the person simply cannot take the blow. It is a corm of Stockholm syndrome. This is why the family system is one of the most important relationships. It will determine the health of future relationships for the rest of a persons life.


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