The "economy" of the "Family"

I’ve written about this topic before. I feel its crucial. What people need to understand is, the math is the math. I was listening to E. Michael Jones, an economist on a few youtube videos. What he’s talking about is nothing different than what goes on in the personal lives of people in their families. Dysfunctional relationships are dysfunctional relationships no matter what the size. All economists are talking about today is the same thing I was speaking out about and trying to bring light to 4 decades ago. The crashed “economy” of the family when there’s domestic violence, divorce, unwanted pregnancy, any kind of abuse, neglect, any kind of abandonment; emotional, sexual abuse, any type of usury and the parent putting their own needs in front of the needs of the child.
In the video by E. Michael Jones he talked about Lorenzo, having power and the fall of the Roman empire. All he had to do was take 2 pieces of gold to rub together to make them multiply. He was illustrating that man’s labor is his wealth and when the value of the penny he’s being paid is depreciating, he’s losing real value. His health, his sweat, his energy.
This same concept can be applied to the family. “Parents” can easily do the same to their child. A child NEEDS a parent to respond adequately to their feelings. A parent can easily rob a child of their wealth, health, and blood by not engaging in “fair trade” with that child and responding in ways that are “cheating” the child. Its literally the easiest thing in the world to do. Who’s watching? Who’s the accountant? Who’s going to be balancing the check book of the family?
Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! The parent has only their own conscience to rely on. And that might not be so great.

These ideas have become so lax over time. There is literally NOTHING a child can do at the hands of an abusive parent. They are literally being polluted by the emotions of the parent like the Amazonian people by Texaco. A child’s development and health are completely compromised and polluted. The “wealth” of that child is robbed and the child gets left in emotional and physical debt.
This is such an important issue for me because it is the greatest betrayal. A child is totally helpless and dependent on the parent. And the child has NO recourse! If that parent is not healthy and in any way takes advantage of that dependency and trust, the health of the child is compromised permanently. The psyche debt gets passed down to a child by someone that child is completely dependent upon. I can’t think of a greater crime against humanity.
I don’t hear anyone protesting in the streets about the total deterioration and betrayal of the “family”. The low quality of treatment of parent towards their child has been around for ions.
I want to address this acceptance of child abuse as normal. That the parent, just like an emperor or who ever is in power, that is a tyrant.


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