GREECE, the Macro of the Micro

Tues eve, July 14, I had Sameer Dossani from Action Aid International on my radio show on
The week before that, Costas Panayotakis, Sociology Prof at NY Tech speaking about the Greek “debt” crisis. Because I was a psych major and have been trying to call attention to the blatant “economic crash” of the “family” system all my life that no one wanted to pay attention to, I now feel the need to show the fact that there is no difference between them. One is just the larger version of the other. I feel that by scaling down to size examples of a dysfunctional, abusive “family” system, it might make it easier for people to understand, at least put it in more “bite size” pieces. But, if  family dysfunction were manageable and “bite size”, those issues would have been addressed. Why are they not? Why can’t the people see they’ve been programmed against their own interest, against their own survival, against their nature? Why can’t people see they’ve been conditioned to function the opposite of health, fitness, efficiency and cleanliness? People would have responded with enthusiasm at the challenge of taking on an issue that would benefit them if they did so. Clearly the issues were not addressed and the reason why there is so much chaos today.
The system seems like a gigantic rapid river that keeps people unable to attain even the most basic traction of creating cooperative families and communities. They don’t even try or feel they have a responsibility to take the initiative on their own or their children’s behalf. People stay in a child-like state then pass that down. The natural drive for challenge and growth is conditioned out of them. They’re incapacitated. The natural instinct of growing to one’s fullest expression is diminished.
Greece, according to John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, is the victim of the Corporatocracy. This is what the Economic Hitmen do. Put a country into such a debt that they can’t pay it while a few rich people get richer and leave the people holding the debt.
It’s an abusive relationship. John Perkins says Greece should not pay it because the debt does not belong to the people. That was before PM Alexis Tsipras said he was “forced” into a deal which created more austerity for the Greek people. Why are the Bully’s never held accountable? Why are the Criminals never exposed for who they are and called what they are instead of being treated legitimately? No backbone on the part of the 99%?
Debt comes in all sizes. Like it or not, the “family” system is the easiest and most common place to pass down debt to the most unsuspecting, most innocent and vulnerable of society. MOST, if not all parents pass down their emotional baggage to their child. It’s rare, healthy parents who are able to raise their child consciously and with dignity and allow the child to be the Free, sovereign person they’re meant to be. Anyone who doesn’t want to face these facts are the reason this country is in such a state of emergency.
I spoke with Mark Passio on my radio show on Tues who speaks publically about many issues, including the unhealthy family. Like the larger system we’re living in now, a child is completely at the mercy of those in “power”. A child’s physical growth and development actually gets Arrested when they are not raised by health, competent leaders. They literally are Imprisoned in their own bodies with No healthy leader to give them the leverage to fully develop and surpass what’s become normal, everyday functioning.
It’s the system that’s failing the youth not the other way around.
Obama just recently visited a prison in Oklahoma and spoke openly about the fact that the U.S., which has 5% of the world population, incarcerates 25% of them. Interesting how it’s been happening under his watch. He spoke about the mistakes youth make that even he or anyone makes but, because of lack of family, support or resources their mistakes were made criminal. Obama went on to say how normal youth behavior should not be made criminal. Its clear man’s system is out of sync with Natural Law. Where man is so blind and hungry for fake profit they’re not only willing to drill for oil in the Arctic and the most pristine locations on the planet, they’re more than willing to criminalize Normal, Healthy behavior in the most vulnerable people on the same planet.
Something I’ve been saying for decades about the family system. Its the dysfunctional system that sees normal, healthy people as criminals. These people are the symptoms showing the system itself. The effect, not the cause and those in “power” blames the effect.


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