"FAMILY" Micro Cosm of MACRO Cosm

 The family is the womb of society. The place where those in it should be protected and safe from the outside world, especially the children. A place where, when you’re there, you know you’re loved, supported and amongst people who have your back. If any contaminants get in, the people inside can get infected, sick or have an emotional deformity.
Too often that is the case. The family is not the healthy, caring, protected place it should be. Too many people have adjusted themselves to the psych debt that has been passed down through the umbilicus of the family. The pollution in the world, emotional pollution, has been seeping its way into the psych of the family and tearing it apart. The more the, $$ first everything else last, world continues the more polluted everything will get.
You don’t hear people speak much about “emotional pollution” but, I see and feel it clearly. We have to remember to see ourselves as the part of nature and the environment that we are. When we’re in it we can’t always see it. We’ve been living in this man-made, fake habitat for so long, we’ve been disconnected from the natural world for so long we are getting further and further disconnected from the way Natural Law works.
There is no doubt in my mind that the reason there has not been a revolution in this country is due to the fact that there’s such a break down of the family. “Parents” teach their children to accept low standards. How can people stand up if they have no self worth? How can there be a revolution when people have not been fed nutrition and real love by people who truly care about them? The standards of the family, I feel, are constantly deteriorating and too many “parents” are incapable of actually Raising their children so they have a good life.
Which direction is the flow supposed to be going in the family system? In a healthy family the flow should be from parents to child. Too often it gets reversed. Maybe at the beginning many parents take care of their child well then, as the child grows a little the care lessens and the flow gets turned the other way.
The family is doing the bidding of the Powers that Be in too many cases. The family is like the slave farm or slaughter house like with animals and the babies get taken from the mother at an early age. In the example of the family the tearing away is more psychological and it’s done by the parents themselves. The system, banks, corporatocracy, what ever you want to call it, don’t have to do it. The parents do it unknowingly by being unconscious and not paying attention to how heavy those at the top are crushing down on us. They don’t realize how the pollution, the addiction, the lust for $ above all else, the mental illness of the ptb is seeping right through the umbilical cord, through the parent and right to the child.
This system is ALL about garbage, all about creating enemies and criminals so the $$ cow can keep rolling along. It’s all about functioning the opposite way nature functions so it can extract more and more real value and energy from the people in exchange for a fake piece of paper. The family system is a part of nature. The Corporatocracy knows no limits to $$ and madness. There is No Way the family system can withstand the onslaught of the Sociopath of the Corp if people are not aware and doing everything they can to counter it. If people do not know that the Corp has been robbing them for decades, if people are not paying attention to the fact that the 1% have nothing better to do than suck the life out of everything and everyone then, they cannot possibly be alert. Most people can’t even imagine that the Corp could even do what it, in fact does everyday and has been doing for decades and will continue to do. Just because it’s so outrageous to comprehend doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just because it’s so horrible we don’t want to think about it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It’s because people live so naively and unsuspecting that give the Corp the ability to do what they do with impunity. Despite the glaring proof in everyone’s face people still refuse to believe. It’s REAL!

Due to the fact that the people are not emotionally healthy in general, we do not pay enough attention to emotional balance and what it is we have gotten out of balance and have had our fitness robbed. $$, the opposite of real wealth, has been used to give the masses and “energy transfusion”. To extract their energy and vibrancy in exchange for fake $. Natural law is being gradually replaced by GMO. If that’s the kind of world you want to live in then you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t, then the current must be redirected and it’s going to take all the help it can get. Every time we engage in an exchange with another person in anyway other than natural law, fitness, truth, justice and instead engage for $ or the perception of advancing one’s “career”, you’re creating and perpetuating Cancer because it isn’t based in reality. Human exchange is the same as chemical exchange in the body. It must be Fair and balanced to keep the body alive and healthy. If it’s imbalanced, even a little to start and not corrected, that debt exacerbates. If it’s not corrected the debt usually gets compounded. It doesn’t remain the “little” debt it started out as. It grows into “adult” debt which can reek havoc later on. We reap what we sow.
I know of a “family” for many years who has had many issues to begin with that, recently, the bill is coming due. Now that the Mom is in her 90’s and getting more and more weak, the health of the relationships between the daughters and the 1 son are becoming more obvious. The problems have been evident for decades but, getting more intense since the mother had to be placed in a facility. The father has been out of the picture for a long time from divorce. One daughter told me about her mother held her over a fire when she was a child and used her to be the mother to take care of the younger kids. None of the children reached any level of real success. They all just have jobs, one works at Home Depot and is in her early 60’s. Not your typical 60 year old, however, had 4 children with 2 marriages, both ended, 1daughter who doesn’t speak to her anymore and the last 2 sons live with her in their 30’s.
The point I’m trying to make is the emotional debt that gets passed down. People pro-creating who have not reached any level of success or standard of quality or family for themselves, turning around thinking they have the right and are in a position to bring life into this world. Over the decades it creates a “vacuum”, a deficiency, the same as what banks or Corps do. It is the ultimate betrayal to children and the future. It likened to the deformity of a Vietnamese child due to the effects of Agent Orange. All this system does is create Pollution and garbage unless people are actively aware and redirecting behavior.


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