"For Profit" is a War against NATURE and Family

The vulnerable and innocent are the “catch” of the day, Crapitalism being the fishing net. The conditions created by Crapitalism that brings about the effects of homelessness, “poverty”, broken families, drug use, people just trying to survive is like a Fishing Net for Wall St ultimately. Because the system is not about humanity or dignity and only cares about power and Addiction, the conditions of deprivation will never end.
 I have to write about the neglectful, abusive “family” as the micro cosm of the macro cosm. Because it is so uncomfortable and even painful for people to hear or believe that their own “parents” can not be totally in their best interest. It’s difficult for people to imagine their own “gov” sold them out never mind believing parents mistreat and neglect their own children.
What we need to realize is that Croney Capitalism is a disease. Our entire system is Anti-Nature and Anti-health. Just the act of fully being oneself and wanting to bring new ideas and original thoughts to society means going smack against the system. And because most people aren’t passionate about being who they want to be, they sell out for the $ at the expense of their very own nature. Most people don’t think of this as the environmental pollution that it is. But, it is actually human relationship dysfunction and pollution that precedes environmental destruction. “Human beings” must relate in abusive and dysfunctional ways first, someone submitting to injustice, not standing up to “power”, for environmental devastation to follow. In order to save the planet and be healthy we must First have healthy and just exchanges with each other. As long as people abuse and allow themselves to be abused without calling each other out on our stuff, we will continue to destroy ourselves and the planet.
I wanted make a list of all the signs & symptoms of the Anti_health and Nature system I witnessed as a child.
It was clear that not just trying to be healthy but, just BEing a healthy child was a crime. It seemed “normal” at the time for “parents” to break the will of the child. To abuse them, it was good for you, it builds “character” they said. If you tried to get the respect you deserved to have dignity you were responded to like you were crazy. The “family”, when I was growing up, was prison and “parents” were the prison guards where you were emotionally and spiritually tortured.
My body was always struggling and fighting just to be healthy, just to function normally, just to respond matter of factly and it was always met with resistance. It was clear that “parents” were treating you the way they were treated and made no apologies. They told you in so many words, “No body ever gave me nothing” and an, At least I didn’t abort you” attitude.
The resistance people and especially parents should be directing towards the oppressive and enslaving system, they’re instead, cowardly passing down to the very people they’re supposed to protect. Because they are not healthy and fully developed, they pass the resistance onto the most innocent and those just trying to get their basic needs met.
I will never get over how obvious everything is and will never understand how people don’t see it. How people can’t see they’re not being raised to be the fully developed person they’re meant to be. Where is that inner need to self actualize James Mazlow wrote about? Has it been conditioned out of people? It was clear when I was young that we were all being suppressed. That I was intimidated into submission was a no brainer but, not as obvious for others.
Don’t people want the young around them to grow to be healthy and powerful? Don’t the “adults” want the kids around them to grow to do great things? It was clear we were being diverted, our growth was being undermined. We were only being “raised” so far. Because my situation was worse and my body/instincts were forced to kick in and take over I was able to feel what I should have been receiving encouragement and praise for but, instead received threats and was made to be a criminal. This is the complete opposite way health, fitness and natural law work which is why we’re living in a world where the people don’t know their rights, have little self worth and have empowered Banksters and Corps like abusive parents to preside over them.
People need to see the connection between the way our system is today and how we were “raised”. See the “family”, to some degree, as the micro of the macro. I know not all people experienced what I did growing up, the clear abuse and neglect but, it wasn’t just the “family”. It was neighbors also, who perpetuated the passing down of the debt to those the “adults” should have been reinforcing.
I was reading a Wiki page about The killings in Charleston by Dylann Roof and it had written about the 2 divorces he lived through. It mentioned an Uncle who noticed Dylann becoming isolated and attempted to mentor him but was rejected, it said. My question is, why didn’t the Uncle try harder? Try again? Why give up so easily? This is your family, where is the effort?
Nature does not lie! There is NO getting over on Natural Law. “Parents” are passing too much psyche debt onto the future and their children that they are not built to handle. Children are to be invested IN! Not withdrawn from. If “parents” make more withdrawals then they do deposits.

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