To Live under Natural Law

What is happening is the most sick and EVIL thing that can be perpetuated on future generations. The blatant robbing not just of the earth’s resources but, the health resources, spiritually, physically and emotionally, of future generations.
Not only are people stealing the health and cleanliness of the earth, they’re stealing the emotional and physical health of their children.
I get tired of hearing people say things to me like, “when you give you get”,that  I’ve heard all my life. Then, I think to myself, “wait a minute, that doesn’t apply to the PTB, the 1%, the Corps & banksters”.
Do you think anyone ever says to a bankster or Corp head, “when you give you get?” I must have heard it a hundred or so times in my life. Why is that? Why does the public stand for this, one- set- of- rules for the people and another- set- of- rules for the profit addicts when that is the very attitude we need to be challenging? Why does what the people say to each other not apply to the ptb or, more accurately, is in complete response to the ptb being sociopaths and people act like it’s healthy to be their co dependents and encourage it.
If it was True that you have to give to get then, how is it that the profit- no- matter- what corps and banksters have more than anyone? Do they have it because they give so much? I think not. And what they have isn’t Real. Again, ONLY by doing and achieving in REALITY is anything that comes from it sweet or real. Anything else is toxic no matter how much they have. How would someone who needs get somewhere by giving? Someone, mostly parents, would have to give to them first. Certain people who legitimately need are not going to get anywhere by giving. They cannot afford it. They need someone to give to them and do for them first which is supposed to be the “family” system. Would we tell a person bleeding out who was just hit by a car to go give to someone else if he wants help? So again, I go back to Natural Law and how there’s actually NO getting over on it. You can’t tell those who no one has given to “you have to give to get”. We might as well say that to our 2 year old and our infants. I mean, where do you draw the line? People need to be given to FIRST. People need to receive FIRST. People need to have FIRST to be able to give. That’s how Natural Law works. Someone who needs being told to give in order to get is a SCAM. That’s the SCAM of the system that keeps those who have nothing blaming themselves and bleeding themselves out trying to figure out why nothing is coming back to them. It’s a total mind F and rearranging of how nature works.
The way NL works is that if you “give” which is really submitting, and being totally disoriented by being completely distracted by other people from your inner focus, when you’re the one who legitimately needs and things should be coming to you easily and for FREE, then all you will be doing is perpetuating your own DEBT and bleeding yourself out!
People NEED to RECEIVE a required amount; food, shelter, clothes, mirroring, emotional validation, praise, encouragement, attention and affection to be healthy. Period! There is NO negotiating. If they do not receive their required amount, they will be in a health deficit. PERIOD which is why Parents need to be like personal trainers helping their children to reach a healthy level of fitness.
What happens in our Profit Addicts-have-all-the-power-to-manipulate-Natural Law system and pass the consequences and injury/DEBT onto the most innocent, and too many people support it, is that, because the Profit/Control/insecure addicts pass the health debt onto the most innocent, the vulnerable do not have the strength to fight back. They need the help of a certain # of the population to rely on. What if they’re not there? What if they’ve been brainwashed over time and came to believe the scam that the innocent are the guilty? What if there are not enough healthy “white blood cells” left in society to stand up to the Cancer before it’s too late?
If those most vulnerable are the ones being screwed, what is the effect on Natural Law? I’m including what this system does to animals also. What is the effect on NL of it being manipulated and the debt passed onto the innocent? What is the karmic effect? Is there one?
The health debt that accrues in a person who is being robbed of there required, rightful needs early on is being set down a path of being their own saboteur and perpetuating the SCAM at the expense of themselves and continuing to glorify the Profit Addicts at their own expense.  Never able to recognize, actually preventing themselves from being able to recognize the fact that they’re in a NO WIN abusive relationship. And how could they ever recognize it when the leverage, the support, the required needs were not there for them when they should have been.
No matter how much “man” wants to make up their own rules and try to override Real Natural Law, it CANNOT be done.
Man-made can Never over take Natural Law. Man made can make nature sick for sure then, NL will still respond accordingly and the consequences will be painful.


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