Confessions of an Economic Hitman Speak in NYC at

Thank you to Les Jamieson for his gratitude for my helping connect him with the former Economic Hitman, John Perkins for the event in NYC on Saturday.
What is provides a broad-based overview of a resolution submitted to the new Congress on Jan. 6, 2015 with the purpose of declassifying and releasing 28 pages from the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001″. This resolution was formerly HR 428.

H. RES 14 aims to declassify and release 28 pages that were redacted (or actually excised, according to Rep. Steven Lynch) from the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001”  which is an 860 page report written in 2002, prior to the formation of the 9/11 Commission. Former Senator Robert Graham, (D-FL), who was chair of the Joint Inquiry, has been demanding its release since 2003, including FOIA requests to the Obama administration — all to no avail. A group of 9/11 families filed suit in hopes that its contents would be revealed. Now in the wake of this action in Congress, they have filed an amended complaint. This law suit will benefit greatly from the release of the 28 pages.
To be specific, Rep. Walter Jones, (R-NC) and Steven Lynch (D-Mass) have drafted this resolution named H. RES. 14. As of this date 18 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors. The underlying purpose for the release is (1) government must be more transparent, (2) the families deserve to know, and (3) releasing the redacted section is necessary to better manage our current national security.
 John Perkins knows a lot about the “Corporatocracy”, as he calls it, that have taken over many “govs” and have ousted and assassinated many leaders since he was an Economic Hitman in the 60’s and 70’s. Jamie Roldos of Equador and Omar Torijos of Panama who he considered kindred spirits. “We built the largest empire in the history of the world. This empire has been built on Economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life through the EHM.”
 The NSA & the CIA recruited EHM then had them work for private companies, engineering firms, construction companies so there wouldn’t be any connection to the Gov. JP was the chief “economist”, really a Deal Maker, who’s job it was was to arrange Huge loans to countries, loans they knew the country could not repay then demanded repayment to U.S. companies with the countries resources like Oil or the building or ports, an electrical system, construction of highways to companies like Haliburton or Bechtel. The deal served only the wealthiest families of these countries and leave the poorest people holding the debt they can’t possible pay. “Give our Oil companies your rain forests” in Ecuador.
 The World bank creates most of the money used by Economic Hitmen. JP had feelings of guilt the entire time he was an EHM but the seduction of the sex, the power, the pats on the back by Robert McNamara and the $$ kept him quiet until the events of 9/11. “What happened at 9/11 is a direct result of what the EHM are doing. I believe the World Bank can be turned around and be what they were originally intended to do, help devastated parts of the world, help poor people”.
I’m writing this to bridge the gap between the Marco cosm and the Micro cosm. I met JP back in 2001,2,3,4 at the Omega Inst for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY where I was on staff. JP teaches workshops on Shamanism and indigenous cultures that he learned while working as an EHM. At the time I didn’t know he was an EHM until I watched Zeitgeist Addendum around 5 or so years ago.
 I want to make the point; I could feel there was something extremely wrong with this world before I knew anything about EHM, Wall St or the FED. Things happen on all scales. What JP talks about in his book, CoaEHM happened on a mass scale but the same thing happens on all scales. The corruption, the dysfunction, abuse. If this was going on there’s no way the effects of it can’t be felt on a smaller scale.
 I felt the effects of it over 40 years ago and spoke up and was ignored. EVERYONE IS IN ON IT! The trickle down effects of what the “gov” and the private corps do effects everyone and, whether people realize it or not, they’re a part of it, just like JP was.
I’ve been pointing out the dysfunction and abuses of the “family” system and all relationships for a long time and was silenced and intimidated into submission. Things don’t need to happen on the scale of “national security” for it to be very dangerous.
It isn’t just the World Bank that needs to be turned around to function the way it was originally intended. Many institutions including “families” and communities don’t function they way they’re meant to function. What happens at the “top” happens at the bottom. Like “father” like “son”. There is NO WAY that all of this corruption and betrayal by our own gov does not seep down like toxic waste into the communities and homes of American people as well as the debt that’s left on the most vulnerable in Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries.
 I felt it. I lived the scaled down version but a version none the less. People blindly going along with their corrupt “gov” instead of taking a lesson from the youth and rebel like I and many others did. We criminalize the behavior in our young people that we should be exalting turning the entire system into a backwards, corrupt, polluting, debt perpetuating, genocidal  disease for our children.
 I had the sense as a young person to stand up to and challenge my own parent because it was instinctual to do so. I didn’t have to think about it. My body just did it.
The PTB know the answer to being healthy and Fit is Nature, that’s the reason they control it and deprive the people of it. People need to realize,even RELATIONSHIPS come from Nature and are supposed to be giving and nurturing, as well as firm and give us discipline, when we are young. The reason most people are deprived of the emotional giving they require when they’re young is so they don’t grow to be too healthy or too strong. Without even realizing it, too many parents withhold valuable emotions a child requires to grow healthy and strong.
What woke me up was the fact that I was being emotionally tortured at “home”. The fact that I was growing up in prison snapped my body so awake I couldn’t help but stand up to the very person who is supposed to be supporting me.
WHY do we deprive our own children the emotional nurturing they Need to grow healthy Yet, bow and give our power to the Corporate Sociopaths who have stolen our “gov”?? Does anyone see a connection?
The other day I had a conversation with an old friend from the block I grew up on in Bay Ridge who I haven’t spoken to in years. They understood and we agreed on certain things but, they still had the same Keep-the-status-Quo attitude as so many people. Ultimately, by the end of the conversation, the attitude of many people is, “a small # have always had power over the masses and it’s always going to be that way so we had better adjust to it and get over it”. That is not an exact quote but was the gist.
He was telling me I had a lot of anger and how I needed to “get over it”. I always share about my abusive upbringing to illustrate that it’s the micro of what’s happening today. That the “family” is the source of where and how the pollution seeps into our psyches. He began to do what most people do and compare his upbringing and his brutal father to me and my upbringing and that he doesn’t carry around so much anger. “It’s over”, he said, “your parents are dead, you’re 51 years old”, yada yada, that I’ve heard a million times over the years. What people don’t realize because they don’t take the time to really look closely enough, is that, it definitely is NOT over and that it’s, in fact, Worse today. That it wasn’t just his father or my mother, that it’s an entire system and it’s sick, unconscious mentality of passing the pollution and debt onto the very people we should be protecting while Bowing to the very psychos people should be standing up to!
Also, by condemning me for having legit anger that more people need to feel instead of his, oh, we can’t change it so we might as well adjust to it, attitude PROVES my point! Nothing has changed because it’s still me, the one doing the right thing and speaking the truth who’s the one who is condemned. And its the one who takes the, “what are you gonna do?” attitude that Assumes the higher position and feels he’s correct. It’s the micro version of an Edward Snowden situation. It’s the upstanding ones who are the pain in the ass for showing us how unfit we are.
Who says its having this accepting attitude towards such blatant injustices and corruption is the noble path to take? Why is anger wrong when it’s directed at legit injustices?
“It’s over? Your parents are dead. Get over it, you’re 51 years old”??   First, its NOT over. Our country and world is worse off since I grew up in the 70’s.
Second, you don’t get over things until the injustice is acknowledged and justice has been done. Not before. We don’t get over things because we’ve ignored it, not dealt with things and some time has passed.
Has it been acknowledged that he was brutalized by his father? Was there actions taken to heal and practice healthier relationship skills? Has the community moved towards healing and conscious communication? Have people given him or myself the emotional needs we deserve?
Breaking the vicious cycle takes effort and exercise. Acknowledging the abuse and taking conscious steps towards change and compensating those who’ve been wronged is the way out. Has any of that been done? No.
Has he reached his full potential in life that he thinks he’s “over it?” Is he so healthy and fit, been meditating, practicing conscious relationship skills?
He compared his situation to mine as if he experienced the same abuse I did and he’s “over it”. Was he pulling his eye lashes out in the 2nd grade for 3 years? Was he so traumatized that he lifted weights like a maniac for over 20 years to insulate himself and exercised his entire life to deal with the trauma?
Did he feel so robbed from his upbringing that he majored in Psych and read every book on the abusive/dysfunctional family, co-dependency, addiction, mirroring techniques that he could get his hands on?
No one wants to be bothered doing what needs to be done which is going after and arresting the real criminals in power so they, in turn, expect the laws of Physics and natural law to be suspended.
That is the reason why I’ve titled this blog, Nature dictates to us Not the other way around. “Man” actually expects natural law and health to suspend itself because the people can’t get organized to hold corrupt people in power accountable. So, how dare natural law not let it go.
We literally live in a society where Healthy, fit people are the problem. Where nature is the problem because it gives us too much feedback that we don’t want to hear. How do we turn off natural law? How do we stop it from functioning? How do we keep it from showing us ourselves?
Why don’t we just live with it, live according to it instead of resisting it?
Tonight I interviewed Mark Klein who blew the whistle on At&t in 2006 for allowing the NSA to surveil it and other companies customers. He said the relationship with At&t began back in 1985, way before 911 and the internet. So how does all the surveillance not stop 911 attacks? It’s not supposed to. It’s there for profit. To have profit you can’t be about solving problems. If you solve the problem you stop getting $$. Everything in this country is about profit over people, the earth, animals, the oceans, the air, morals, or any shred of decency. People had better figure that out before its too late. There is NOTHING that is not commodified and exploited for $$ and to enslave. Nothing!
Mark Klein said the laws were manipulated so that At&t was not found guilty of any crimes or violating the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. They literally change the “laws” to suit themselves and the people do NOTHING. What do you think that’s going to create? Do the people think the Companies that get off are going to be so grateful that they will thank the people and treat the people better? Or that these companies will use their more intense corruption to screw and imprison the people even more? The public is asking the be crapped on! Every time the people do not stand up and have criminals held to account they are accruing such a mass of enslavement upon themselves. They are literally investing in their own debt and imprisonment. Because people have been manipulated by mans fake system instead of adhering to natural law which are not subject to manipulation.
Every time the people allow real criminal behavior to go unaccounted for, like the missing trillions from the Pentagon, they’re let slide REAL for fake. And natural law cannot be slid over.
People actually believe it’s possible to ignore natural law. Both the one’s “getting off” and those inheriting the bill because they can’t be bothered tapping into their real currency, standing up and holding criminals accountable. It’s like an abused spouse thinking they won’t get beaten again if they don’t stand up to the abuser.
I’m sick of living in a country where it’s the people standing up and setting a higher bar being seen as the problem. Where those just trying to survive are the imprisoned for profit and that fake system gaining more and more ground while too many sell out to it at the expense of the innocent people.
I’m sick of living in a country where the plan is to put people into debt either financially or psychologically, like I spoke out about in the family system, and no one is there for the most vulnerable people. Not even in the family. I had no one but myself to stand up for myself as a child and then, get criminalized for standing up for myself from the very people who should be the ones supporting me. If that’s isn’t Debt I don’t know what is. Reality has been sold! Reality isn’t reality. Its what ever the biggest Sicko who stole the most $ says it is.

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