#RiseUpOctober to End Police Brutality

#RiseUpOctober were 3 days of actions against police killing of innocent people. Thurs actions were at Times Sq with families of those who were killed came from around the U.S. to share their stories and their pain with each other and the crowd. Even film director Quentin Tarantino came from CA to stand up for the families.
When I hear the voices and words from many family members I see me in them. I hear my voice and my words come out of their mouth. I feel that I’m there at these rallies for justice for myself. Those who are or were victims of brutality and abuse in the “family”. Why are there no rallies for those abused by “family?”. Because they have no leverage that’s why. Because the whole point of family is to Give the next generation leverage and support. But, instead pass down psych debt the child can’t afford and is completely unable to bring attention to. The “family system and “parents” are just the smaller corrupt system. If we’re living in a world where it’s out in the open that there are one set of rules for psychos and another for decent, innocent people then, there is no way many “families” are not affected and function the same way.
We are living in really scary times. The families said cops were smiling when they were holding up signs and pics of their killed family member.
This system will get u one way or another to sell out. As a child your parents are the system, later the teachers, community, then it’s your boss, your job. People are not raised to be free, independent thinkers. Most people are “raised” GMO. To be co-dependent, addicted and enabling. If people don’t healthily separate from parents they will be co-dependent on their job. The job is the parent. The company, institution is the parent the co-dependent child is unable to break free from.
The entire system is made up of dysfunctional, co-dependent, abusive, addicted relationships that function on fear and debt that perpetuate.

In my house as a child my “parent” was like the cops, abusing power thinking she could do whatever she wanted. Let herself off the hook and pass the guilt on to the innocent. Because I was young and healthy my instincts kicked in and my body knew what to do. That “parent” got more than they bargained for. They thought they would have an easy time abusing their power. They were wrong!! The natural Spirit that is in all people awakens under such conditions and moves into position. That is natures intelligence that I was told was bad and wrong. It wasn’t. It isn’t. Nature’s intelligence is what we need. Our anger and pain are there to listen to and show us what to do. Our feelings are truth. This system will do anything in its power to try to scramble and confuse. Even those who had family killed and know the truth. The system will try to make you weak, to doubt yourself, to not trust your own gut instincts and feelings and to listen to them instead. That is exactly how I grew up. The same thing. REAL family LISTENS to your feelings and wants you to trust your own gut. They validate and respect your feelings. Anyone who tries to get someone to question and doubt what they know in their gut to be true, like what happened to me in my house, are enemies. Period.
Your body is functioning on pure debt if you’re left on your own with your truth. It’s wearing a person down to the bone where they can then dig deeper and break you. Honest people want to help you. Want to help build you up, respect what you feel and know. How else do you know the world? How do you learn to ride a bike or ski? So the body and instincts are good for learning these activities but, not when it comes to knowing cops are criminals working for a criminal organization, banks, and corps. Cops are a business now. A corporation. FOR profit.
Follow and understand health and nature and this won’t be difficult to figure out. Everything gets sick. Very sick when $$ is the priority.


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