What Creates Terror?

I’ve read many articles lately after the attacks on Paris about what the causes of “terrorism” are. And one after another of them describe the same thing. Terror being done TO people creates “terrorists”. The fact that many countries, especially the United States, have had their hand in destroying the Gov of Syria with continuous bombings that have resulted in the expansion of groups like Al Qaeda and now ISIS. What is being talked about more today is a culmination of the same thing I started speaking about in 1970 about the wonderful abusive “family” and the fact that children are a reflection of the parents. There is no escaping it. The laws of physics do not lie. And just like dysfunctional/abusive “parents” don’t look at themselves in the mirror to ask, “how am I responsible for creating this since I’m the one in the position of “power?” The U.S. Corp owned, sold- the- people- out “gov” does the same finger pointing never entertaining, not the possibility but, the likelihood that it’s THEY who are responsible for the attacks in Paris. The endless finger pointing outward at those responding to what those in “power” create yet, those creating the suffering never look  at themselves as the cause.
That in itself is a classic case of being in relationships when it benefits someone but, when things go bad suddenly, they want out. The problem is, when you’re in the “power” position, you’re Always responsible when things go wrong! That’s why you’re in the position of “authority!”
This same dynamic is what I said about the dysfunctional “family” system. People want the “benefits” the glory and fame, aka the “goods”, the “wealth” minus the responsibility. It’s called Psychological extraction. There has to be Psych extraction for there to be resource extraction of a country which is what “war” and “terrorism” is really all about. That’s how you know it’s fake. Because it’s just one way. When the Sociopaths that be can make what’s real fake and deny reality, we’re done. Once reality and facts are up for sale. We’re gone and we’re well on our way.


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