Just like Big Pharma isn’t in it for Health,, Bombing is the WRONG prescription for ending "terrorism"

The first question to ask is,, do those in charge REALLY WANT to end “terrorism?” Do they even know how? The PTB, Obama, Turkey, Germany, the UK, say they’re trying to stop “terrorism” but, do they really? And Who is the Real terrorist? Like a “parent” who has no control over their children, it’s easy to blame the children.
I’ve interviewed many people on Organic News on Awake Radio, the online show I do every Tues 6-8pm EST and they all say the same thing, the so-called “leaders don’t want to end the “terrorism”. If they did they would look at the fact that their strategy is not working and stop doing it.
I refer to the instructions on the tube or box of adhesive. The instructions usually say something like, “surface to be glued must be clean and dry”. I think of that everytime I think of human relations. Are those coming into the situations coming in with surfaces that are clean and dry? Most often not and they don’t even check themselves because they’re so busy pointing the finger outward.
When I studied relationship skills all my life, conflict resolution, etc, giving the other party the room to air their greivences is one of the ways to resolve conflict. Mirroring techniques, active listening are all ways of giving the other party their opportunity to have their say.
How is it possible to have someone in the role of “President” of the United States who clearly has no conflict resolution abilities whatsoever?
All I did all my life was study conscious communication skills, active listening, mirroring techniques and other conflict resolution skills because I believed a person had to be a decent, fair and just person in order to be successful in life. Little did I know all one had to do is be totally vindictive and power hungry to “succeed” in Amerika. I put so much time and effort into attaining qualities I valued and believed others did too. +nly to find out that the more honest you are, the more you value fairness, justice, win-win situations, respecting others, that I would end up broke and isolated. The more I don’t sell out the more under valued I become. Something is wrong clearly!
Others are finding out what I found out early in life. The entire world is becoming the oppressive, abusive, violating your rights, environment I grew up in and have been trying to get people to take seriously for decades.
If people put healthy relationships and skills that support them first like I’ve been advocating for since the 70’s., we wouldn’t be where we are today.
I never thought pursuing truth, health and healthy relationship skills, being more present and valuing people would leave me financially struggling. I figured people out there somewhere would recognize and appreciate what I stand for and value. But, I’m left on my own unnoticed by everyone with no support for standing up for what’s truly valuable in this world. The fact that so many people choose $ and their jobs that aren’t even real, over reality and justice is beyond scary.


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