COP21 protestors Arrested for speaking Truth,, The Corporatization of the Family

Monday on Democracy Now from the UN COP21 in Paris, France it showed demonstrators outside the event exposing the Corporate takeover of what is supposed to be a serious discussion and finding real solutions to the global effects of Climate Change.
Pascoe Sabido of Corporate Europe Observatory called Solutions COP21, being held from the 4th to the 10th, a massive Corp Expo, a “Corporate takeover” and pointed out all the Corps who were involved like “ENGIE, one of France’s largest coal companies pushing natural gas, banks like HSBC all claiming to be solutions.” He said they were trying to “greenwash their image” to present themselves as part of the solution but, said those who came for the action “aren’t buying it”.
Then, Pascoe talked about the security. “Walking in here I was a bit terrified, with their body armor and shields. There’s undercover cops everywhere”.
They did a “Toxic Tour” much like protesters did here in NYC for Black Friday calling it the Tour of Shame,, exposing the Corporations for who they really are.
Ahmed Gaya of Rising Tide North America, was part of the Toxic Tour who introduced organizations who have been confronting many of the very Corporations sponsoring the so-called, Climate Change, COP21 event. The first company Ahmed mentioned was ENGIE, who is lobbying heavily against the standards of coal emissions in France, “In 2014 alone they spent 2.5 million euros lobbying against emissions standards and paid to enter the COP21 Solutions to pay for access to negotiators and influence the COP process and greenwash their image.”
As the organization members began speaking out one by one, Kandi Mossett from the Indigenous Environmental Network about Fracking in North Dakota, and others, the undercover cops began moving in. “Police and security began forming a line to block protestors from going near the ENGIE booth. The cops corralled the protestors and started grabbing at the organizers while the public cheered the organizers for calling out the imposter Corps.
The police had the demonstrators surrounded and linked arms to not allow the demonstrators to leave while some protesters were able to escape under their arms. “All we’re doing here is speaking truth”, Ahmed Said. “But, when we speak truth and expose false solutions we get kettled and we get shut down”.
Just then, the police picked up Pascoe Sabido and began carry him away! He was actually being interviewed while being carried away, which was a bit comical. “Arresting people for speaking truth”,, then his words drowned out as the crowd became louder. “They’re grabbing us by the arms and legs and taking us out because they are working for the likes of ENGIE and others promoting false solutions. Unfortunately $$ can buy you (inaudible) lot of security. (May I add,, the Illusion of security) We’re going to continue, we’re going to be in the streets, we’re going to take down ENGIE and others”,,, “we’re going to make sure our climate future is in the hands of people and not big business”,,, as he was carried away by Corp owned, GMO “justice”.
Next up was Sabina Cessou, French Journalist, “police are actually taking all the activists who came in to protests those big companies doing brainwashing,, “It’s more like a Commercial Fair. These people are protesting, it’s Freedom of speech in our country in 2015 and we have all these police taking people, one by one, and taking them out”, while showing a cop walking a female out and grabbing her in a head-lock position when she tried to get her head out from under his arm. “Because of the attacks the police are all over the place and we’re going to see that more and more, suppression of civil liberties. It’s a Police state all over the place”.
Then, an American man speaking out about being corralled by police saying that he was not an activist, not a journalist, that he was “Just trying to learn what’s going on around me. The Police of France have decided to hold onto me and I can’t leave. This is Amazing, he said, “WHEN A VOICE OF DISSENT IS RAISED AND THE IMMEDIATE RESPONSE IS TO TRY TO ARREST PEOPLE and stop them from speaking”,, as he then was grabbed and hauled away.

The by stander completely dumbfounded by the fact that people just speaking out in civil dissent were met with arrest,, my rights were violated right in my own house as a child. Everyone was in on it. There was No one and No where to turn. Being treated like you didn’t matter,, like you’re not valuable was normal. I was found Guilty and “arrested” by the age of 8 just for standing up for myself as a child. Not only were those around me not raising me the way Nature demands,, they undermined ANY attempts and my own body simply kicking in and doing it. The term “family” is the opposite of what was really happening. “parents” and even neighbors, community were the opposite. No one was there to Raise you, no one had your back, no one was there for you, supporting you or protecting and investing in you, they were doing the exact opposite! Robbing from you, stealing your self worth, undermining your self esteem and self confidence and putting themselves first. No different than a Corporation.
Not only are they Not there for you,, they tell you to feel sorry for the abuser! You have to go into psych debt to bail out the abuser.
The fact that not ONE person, not one Real Adult was around to be a mentor, be a role model, step up to the plate, give you what you needed, treat you the way you needed is a CLEAR sign of environmental devastation. The evidence that those very people who should be protecting and empowering us the most are doing the opposite is a sign of a severe health crisis. A healthy family, healthy relationships should be functioning a certain way,, and when they’re not, and when it’s not even noticed that they’re not and responded to,, is a clear sign of social sickness.

The first man, Pascoe Sabido, who spoke about the protesters pulling back the curtain on the Corps seeking to greenwash their images pretending to be healthy and putting forth False Solutions,, I’ve been trying to expose the scaled down version about the dysfunctional, abusive “Family” for decades. People telling me at a young age, “My poor parent”,, telling me to feel sorry for them, the people who I needed to be investing in me. When you look at that closely,, the bad accounting is clear. That’s robbery. It’s clearly passing down the emotional debt rather than passing down self worth. Using the vulnerable to dump the emotional pollution of the parents onto.
These demonstrators calling out the Polluting Corps and “leaders” are Me when I was 6 and 7 and 8 and on, fighting for my life in a abusive “home” that compromised and arrested health.

I’m writing about this because people are finally getting it. People are beginning to experience what I experienced ALL my life! I’m amazed at their amazement. The protesters getting arrested at the COP21 are truly shocked. If they had grown up that way they wouldn’t be. For many growing up, it was Normal. I woke up the sickness of it and tried warning people about it for decades. People do Not take seriously the signs and symptoms of societal disease and degradation that is right in front of them.
I’m writing this to include the abusive “family” as part of environmental devastation. Needing a healthy environment to live and grow in, cleanliness, peace, support, people around you who care about you, feeling safe, Just being Healthy.

They talk about refugees fleeing war torn places,, what is a child trying to grow up in abuse and warring parents? For a child, this is the worst kind of torture.
It’s always been obvious to listen to and follow my gut, what the body knows. The very thing Corp “profit” wants to destroy. I “grew up” being trained that to hit the bullseye is wrong, to be right and strong was wrong because it threatened those around me who were controlled by the system and made them feel too uncomfortable. That is, however, how natural law, fitness works. It prompts you in the right direction. With everything that’s happening lately with the Climate talks in Paris, (which is controlled by the very Corps creating the problem) the police state, the refugee crisis, endless “wars” which are a front for Corp profit, what I still don’t feel is people moving enough in a direction towards fitness.

 From growing up in an unhealthy environment and neighbors and “community” not being there to step up to the plate either and instead made excuses for the incompetent “leader”, I felt my body going into a health Debt. I felt everything getting dark. I felt myself turing into something unhealthy. I could feel how people were relating in the opposite way fitness functions. My legit feelings being met with less than responsive action, minimization, and disregard. Instead of raising children to be the healthy, fit, confident people they’re meant to be, everyone was in on undermining it instead. In on pulling the rug out from under anytime my body and health made even the most modest attempt at gaining rightful ground. Being healthy was a Crime, like more people are feeling today. Sooner or later, All people will start crashing up against Corp “profit”. Obviously, the more unhealthy the environment you’re born into, the more your health and very existence is a threat and they will bash you for existing and make it seem like YOU are the excessive one. This I how I learned about and felt Capitalism‎ by 1970. Without them even realizing it, those I was surrounded by as a child were stealing my worth, my resources, my self esteem to feed Sociopaths. I knew it and spoke up early and was beaten down.  This is what more people are experiencing today.
 Where is health? Where was fitness? My body  automatically‎ moved towards fitness, moved towards health from being in an unhealthy environment. That’s what nature does. It doesn’t need to think about it. Red blood cells don’t need to think about exchanging O2, when the cells are healthy they just do it. Only when a system is ill does it not respond towards fitness. Only when people are completely lost, disoriented and brainwashed do they behave in totally disoriented and confused ways.
 When your healthy functioning early on is met with distain by the very people who should be encouraging and cheering for your victory, it doesn’t get any clearer that we are living in a totally Ill society. On top of that, when people can’t even see that they’re doing it, it’s even more sickness added.
 I’ve been on this earth for a half a century. That is a long time. All I’ve seen are people keeping a system going at their own expense despite the fact that they’re clearly not living as fully and experiencing all they deserve compared to the 1% and the so called “leaders”. I’m not talking about $ or materialism. I’m talking about real value; self confidence, self worth, self expression, healthy relationships, filling one’s potential. Most people live far below their full potential and “see” nothing wrong. Again, the blatant signs & symptoms of diminished fitness and health being completely missed and towards a replaced version, a man-made version, a GMO version.
 I don’t understand how it is that people do not feel their health being stolen while it’s so clear the potential humans are capable of is not being realized. We should be seeking Nature not $$. Real Nutrition, not fake. I never understood why most people stopped growing and didn’t feel the need to stretch.
 I have such a need even today after all the decades of working out and personal training to relate to people with fitness to cultivate stronger connections. To challenge the GMO info and false beliefs they have about themselves. To inspire Nutrition in interactions so people feel better about themselves and have the strength to resist the $$ machine.
 Unconsciously, I believe that’s why the people are being enslaved. “Nature” is using the sociopaths, to wake us up. The powers that Be are doing us a favor and forcing people to find the warrior inside of them that they should have found on their own.
 We can see Climate Change just in the way people relate to one another. Relationships should be fit naturally but, because people have been conditioned to follow $, over time, they’re losing relationship fitness and become more dysfunctional and codependent.
 I want to drive home the health of the “family” that is simply a micro of the macro. The Toxic, dysfunctional, environment of the “family” can be the most polluted place on earth because if the whole capitalist system is anti nature, the family has to be too. The family will just be a smaller version of the larger one, that uses the vulnerable to dump their emotional garbage onto unlike a Corp does to lands and peoples.

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