Interview with Former Finance Minster of Greece Yanis Varoufakis & Former Economic Hitman John Perkins

The interview will be played on Organic News on http://awakeradio/us Tues 12/29 6pm EST.
‎After some weeks of standing by I was finally able to nail down a date and time to interview the former Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis with former Economic Hitman, John Perkins to Wed morning 12/ 10am EST.
 I hate to be repetitive but, at the same time, repetition, practice, is what shapes things; muscles, actions, learning. We have to repeat the same movements over and over for months, even years before things take shape. ‎Yet, they say that’s the definition of insanity. Sometimes it takes doing the same thing over and over until we get the result we seek. it doesn’t necessarily happen the first few times. When do we know if it’s insanity? How do we know when it’s leading somewhere or not?
 I am going to continue to talk about the micro of the macro and try to connect the 2. Interviewing people like John Perkins and Yanis Varoufakis who speak about the larger debacle and myself, who experienced the same only scaled down more, I  always tried to point that out. Corruption doesn’t just happen on a large scale.
 It didn’t take long for Yanis to point out something so basic and fundamental; that it’s just a matter of the PTB shirking responsibility and dumping their mess on the shoulders and backs of those who don’t deserve it, had nothing to do with it and can afford it the least. A form of “social pollution”. ‎ This exact scenario happens anywhere, especially the “family” . Not just between the IMF and Greece.
 If people just look at the giant problems and don’t learn to see them when they’re staring you right in the face on a “smaller”‎ scale, we’re missing the opportunity to learn and deal with things in the hear and NOW. I’ve seen it for decades in my own surroundings the poor health/economic habits of the people then passing the mess down to those who afford it the least. That is the definition of the “family”. People think life and resources are going to last forever, that this society and consumerism, $ buys everything system, is just going to go on and on indefinitely. When the real cost of actions show up in front of those in charge, the consequences, often times it gets dismissed. What do we do when it’s those in charge who are the most immature and irresponsible? Whether they’re “leaders” like Dick Cheney or a parent, when we live in a backwards world where those who are supposed to be passing down honor and values are passing down their immaturity instead, how are those inheriting it supposed to afford it?
 I often wonder why people have no problem working to pay Fake $ bills while dismissing the real bills that are looking you right in the face. People have been so conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to salivate to the bell. Telling people of the harm I experienced at an early age was met with minimization and denial. That growing up in domestic violence, divorce and abandonment can’t possibly leave any marks or damage. That Real bill get’s easily removed.The blatant denial of natural law and how it works gets dismissed while people fully embrace working for fake $ to pay utility bills and the like. A system created by man overrides the natural world. People just can’t imagine things could get really bad even though people are doing everything in their power to bring about Real catastrophe. People these days live so disconnected from the real cost of things because of that very fact that all they have to do is use their fake $ to buy their way out of their own consequences. There is No accountability when it comes to REAL Costs. What happens on large, “National” scale levels happens on scaled down levels. People just notice it more when it happens nationally or globally because it’s more massive and dangerous. And many times people don’t even notice it then either or block it out. Many live with war and death around the world like it’s normal instead of completely ill like it is.
 People have no idea how serious it is to be living in a fake system where the rules of Nature are manipulated by man’s fake positions of power and $.The PTB on any level can pass down their garbage; parents to children, I feel, is the worst and greatest betrayal. A child is completely helpless and reliant on those around them for fitness and protection. If those around that child fail to reinforce that child, fail to protect them, protect their rights and Instead, teach that child that the debt is theirs to bare,, the Laws of Nature and FITNESS are literally being turned on it’s head to be a CANCER Economy!
 ‎ I cannot stress enough the utter betrayal that a “parent” does to a child. The level of standard in this country by all of our leaders is so low, thinking of it as Relationship pollution is the only way to describe it. If we’re polluting the earth for $ and leaving our children with the environmental mess, then it stands to reason we’re also passing down emotional pollution and debt also. You can’t have one without the other. Pollution comes in different forms. Parents avoid taking responsibility and are just as immature as Dick Cheney, as he was called out by Col Lawrence Wilkerson on Organic News last Tues. The “family” is where the toxins get passed down directly to the most vulnerable who are completely helpless to do anything about it. How are children supposed to hold a “parent” accountable? Most “parents” are simply Not mature an responsible enough to be real leaders for their children. Most “parents” do not reach any place of stability themselves before bringing another life into the world thereby simply passing the emotional debt down.
 It can’t be happening on a larger scale like Yanis, John Perkins and other thinkers are describing it without it also happening on a scaled down version. ‎We only “see” it when it’s big, like a heart attack, but we forget we’ve making deposits into that account for decades.

 We’ve been trained to destroy nature, to steal from our children’s resources in favor of Fake $ and to prop up a Death Economy, as John Perkins s eloquently puts it, and the Cowards who run it. The health debt a child can end up in at the hands of a parent is the worse kind of debt. Has anyone ever heard of co-dependency? This word is one I’ve been using for many decades. When a child cannot get their rightful emotional needs met by a healthy parent, that child’s growth is permanently stunted and arrested. ADD to that a “parent” who steals the natural resources from a child for their own irresponsible, immature reasons. This is the debt we need to be speaking about more. This is Real debt. A child turns into a person forever trapped in body that is desperately trying to get from nature what it desperately needs to finish growing fully. Being arrested developmentally leaves the body with no choice but to use its limited resources and skill to get what it needs. Leaving it trapped in a vicious cycle of Psych Debt it can never get out of because there’s no Real Leaders, No Real adult around to help raise them up. They become discarded carcasses like those animals used in the fur trade. Sucked of much or their Life force then tossed aside, scratching and clawing the slippery slope of Crapitalism trying frantically to gain some traction, while all around sit by watching, thinking they’re profiting but the profit is fake.
 I think of a person going into shock or hypothermia. The first sign is altered mental status from the body going further into debt; blood loss, temperature loss, etc. When the body is in debt the mental status deteriorates  first which forces the person to make poor choices further indebting the body/mind. A vicious cycle.
 Keeping people in a permanent state of psych debt is how the PTB control the people. It’s also how parents control their child. How many parents are truly healthy and raise their child to be healthy?
 No matter what the issue, the Greek “debt” crisis, refugees, the Paris attack, Inequality, etc. It always ends up coming down to the same thing, health. The mental/emotional health, or lack there of, of the few who have stolen power and rigged the system in their “favor” but, they’re actually scared, insecure bullies who need to be stood up to. ‎Also, the co- dependency and enabling of the rest of us.
‎In the same interview with John Perkins, for Economic Hitman, made the obvious point about Corporations having no allegiance to this country or it’s people, only their endless addiction for more. He went onto say that it’s no longer an American empire but, a Corporate Empire. During the Clinton and Bush admin there was a “lost opportunity to make more profit because war brings in profit even when you lose war”. I believe I have his quote correct. His words can be heard this Tues at 6pm est on Then on the Awakeradio1 youtube channel podcast.
 War began rising again in Africa and the Middle East. The growth of militarism in the economically developing countries and the EHM tech of death & fear were applied in Europe. The threat of war with Russia over the Ukraine.
 Yanis Varoufakis went on to mention that “since the financial crisis of 2008, 9 the Greek state has forked over  ‎180, 190 billion euros to salvage the Greek banks. It’s debt that just accumulates and gives the hitmen and women of the Troika the leeway they need to turn Greece into a debt colony. This was more or less the savings of the Greek Banks. So if we were worried about the savings of common folk, then all we had to do is simply take this $ and Give it to them. That wold have been the end of it. Instead we keep pouring good $ after bad in a privately owned baking system, which is constantly being used by creditors constantly threatening us with bank closures in order to force the Government to yield”. Yanis then referred to the Threepenny Opera to confirm what John Perkins had said about the use of Economic Hitmen,, why send in the murderers when you can send in the bailors? Yanis V then went on to say,, “all Greek original airports, 14 of them on the island of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, were all sold to one German company.
Yanis had a conversation with a German Finance Minister, “and I asked him, in all honesty behind closed doors, “Would you ever countenance giving away Germany’s original airports to one single foreign company without obtaining a single share in those airports for the state, for the local Gov and municipalities, and he looked at me and said ‘No? The implication was, Greeks can’t expect to have the same rights as Germany. If you’re in a Debt Prison you forfeit your rights, human, political and economic rights”.
 My reply was to say that the Greek people were put into the Debtors prison consciously, deliberately. Yanis’ reply was to say, I was giving the PTB of Europe too much credit, a bad habit of mine, and that “they are not that smart”. He said, “that required a level of smartness and dexterity the PTB of Europe don’t have. It was No design. There was an attempt to create a $$ union in early 1990’s for economic reasons that benefit the rich and the Corps. The intention was not to turn Greece into a Debt Colony, the intention was to maintain the Political power of those Corps. When you create a $ union as the one they created, eventually, it builds up within it the potential for a massive explosion or an implosion at the financial and economic trade level “.
 Who is paying attention to how children are being treated in their own house? This is how So many “parents” behave doing the same thing and treating their own children like they have no rights, like that child is indebted to that “parent” for bringing them into the world, not aborting them, housing them, feeding them, or any other myriad of things an immature “parent” can conjure up. Consciously or unconsciously,, this is how the debt gets passed down and the Future is brainwashed to believe they are responsible for the Debt that they are Not. If there is NO firewall between a corrupt “parent” and an innocent child, there is NOTHING stopping the psych debt from being passed on.

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