Recently released, Clarence Moses -EL, jailed for 28 years because of a Dream. And NO one is held accountable

Here is another story I need to write about that is the micro cosm of the macro cosm I’ve been talking about in the “family” system all my life and ignored and minimized. Here is a man who was recently set free after 28 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.
In 1989, African American Moses-EL, was sentenced to 48 years in prison when a women said she had a dream Moses-EL was the man who raped her and beat her in the dark.
Moses-EL has always maintained his innocence.
Overwhelmed to find the words and in seeing his grandchildren for the very first time, Moses-EL expressed on Democracy Now last week.
In 1995, after already being in jail for over 6 years, Moses-EL had to be his own lawyer and do the work for those who should have been doing it by raising $1000 from other inmates to have the forensic evidence tested; the rape kit, the sheets, the victims clothes, that was marked “DO NOT DESTROY” the police had kept for years, then put into a dumpster by police and never able to get the evidence tested! The test was even approved by a judge. I wonder if he got his inmates $1000 back? I doubt it.
Barry Scheck of the Innocence project was to do the evidence testing and prove his innocence. “When I found out the evidence had been destroyed I went into a deep, deep, dark state of being depressed, lost for hope, I felt really bad at that time, I know this can’t be real. After all I went through, friends of mine who believed in me because at no time did I ever waver in my desire to prove my innocence. Various inmates came to my support donating $25, $50, $100, they believed in me, so I believed in myself. After they told me the evidence was destroyed, it devastated me. I felt like I’d done hit rock bottom”.
In 2012, Clarence received a letter from L.C. Jackson, one of the men originally mentioned by the victim as a possible assailant, saying he wanted to “come out of the dark” and confess. “It was a surprise to me. Why’s he writing to me? Once I started reading the contents of the letter I jumped for joy”, Moses-EL said on Democracy Now. “My time has come, I’m getting out of here”. After a quarter of a century of being in jail the real rapist came forward. Even that letter didn’t lead to Moses-EL’s release until another 2 years later.
There was enough evidence 20 years ago to identify who the real perpetrator was here, said Moses-EL’s defense attorney Eric Klein. “The DA’s office could have tested the evidence themselves”. Why would Moses-EL seek to identify the real perpetrator of the crime if he wasn’t truly innocent?
In 2012, when L.C. Jackson confessed to the rape, Moses-EL’s attorney at that time investigated, a motion was filed in 2013 on Moses-El’s behalf to obtain a new trial. the D A’s office opposed that and an evidentiary hearing. The judge granted Moses-EL a new hearing which was held this summer where the judge heard from L.C. Jackson. Saliva samples were compared and shown that the samples were more consistent with L.C.’s blood type.
The judge gave the option of a re try or drop the charges and the Denver D. A. fought it. Moses-EL still lives with a retrial over his head. That question is still waiting to be answered. “There’s no point in re trying an innocent man”, Eric Klein said.
“How can he be convicted based on her dream?” asks Amy Goodman. “It’s a great question”, said EK.
The last min was about Moses-EL’s mother who fought for him and believed in him for decades. “My Mom’s was a strong advocate for me and always believed in me and she always told me to keep my faith”, before she passed away, she was a very strong force in my life”.
“My faith and my innocence especially for something that I didn’t do”, Moses-EL said when asked what kept him going. ‎ I want to focus on points and the similarities to the abusive “family” system;

 Moses-EL having to be his own lawyer while in prison!
 When I heard this I nearly dropped. I can’t believe how much I’m hearing people same the exact same thing I have since the early 70’s. I had to be my own lawyer by the age of 8 to prove my own innocence as a child. Being branded Guilty in the “family” when you’re a child by the very people who should be the ones backing you. The similarity to how I grew up and everything I’ve been saying for decades is uncanny. Moses-EL at least had the support of his Mom advocating for him on the outside and the financial support of his fellow inmates who gave EL the $1000 to get the evidence tested even though the PTB destroyed it. Being in the prison of the “family” system can be worse because it’s hidden in plain sight. The perps are right in front of people and no one sees it. The trauma and anxiety my body has been living with knowing the perps are your “parents” while the entire neighborhood sides with them puts your body into such stress and trauma it’s unimaginable.
 When Moses-EL soke about going into deep, deep depression when the evidence was thrown out, it ran through my body like electricity because it was exactly what I lived in my own house.
 I felt the entire story of Moses-EL was just a different version of what I endured my whole childhood yet, unable to get help because everyone around took the side of the perp.
 The police who threw away the evidence who are supposed to be the ones working to find truth and prove innosence are doing the opposite. Those around me as a child didn’t want to acknowledge what was happening because then, they would have had to step up and do something. So, the let the debt and guilt fall on me by saying to me, “oh, you’re poor mother”. I was literally betrayed by every “adult” around me as a child who didn’t have the courage to be there for me, to point out that what was taking place was wrong. I was the one who needed the reinforcement. I was the one who needed someone to be there for me. Being told to feel sorry for the perp was not only wrong but, it’s unhealthy and put me into even more “debt” . Not only am I not being treated the way I needed, when my body naturally stepped up itself and did asserted itself, I was guilted for being Healthy!‎, basically. The health accounting gets completely screwed up and replaced by what “man” says. My healthy body was made to believe it was wrong, conditioned to feel criminal for behaving healthily in an unhealthy environment.  Natural law over ridden by man, who knows better.
 There was no mention ever made that “I” was the one having the healthy response and it was the environment and those in it who were wrong. It’s might makes right and those in the “authority” position abusing power. This is exactly how the psych debt gets passed down.
As the years went by, I still always received the same response from people anytime I tried to talk about being robbed. I was seen as the inconvenient one. Not those who perpetrated the violation. Because natural law and the body don’t just “get over” things because “man” says to and have to actually be dealt with and justice needs to be had. How can something be “gotten over” when no one is addressing it and seeing that a wrong is made right? You’re victimized over and over through out your life because natural law doesn’t take dictation by man. The entire system functions the way the case of Moses-EL was handled. Even if people are not blatantly abused, they are the indifferent ones who sit by while others are.
 I started being my own lawyer at age 8 trying to prove my innocense. It wasn’t law books I was reading because it isn’t about what man says is legal or illegal, it was‎ simple natural law and healthy. I started reading every book I could get my hands on about the dysfunctional “family” system, abusive relationships and what healthy relationships function like.
 It was through reading those books, John Bradshaw, Barbara DeAngelis, John Grey, Melody Beatty on Co-dependency. It was a no brainer this was what everyone should know and practice before anything else. No matter what their job or position, if people don’t understand basic relationship skills and treat people  ‎with basic worth and value, all that’s happening is that a fake, GMO, man -made society is  paving over natural law.
‎ Moses-EL’s story showed the complete backwardness of the system. That the “criminal” aka, truly innocent person is acting more the justice system than the so-called “official” justice system. It shows the complete separation of man’s system from nature. The same point I’ve been trying to point out since the 70’s when I was being “told” I had to raise the parent instead of the other way around. Then, when I resisted and said it was wrong, I was criminalized and sentenced to “prison”. It may not have been “physical” prison but, it was prison none the less. Prison can be anywhere. That’s the problem with man’s system vs natural law. What man calls prison is not the same as what nature calls prison . That’s what’s so dangerous. While man is so busy following man’s definition of everything including criminality and prison, they’re missing what nature says. Most people don’t even understand nature’s language and signals, which is certainly a tragedy that is leading us to self destruction.  By the masses being conditioned to live from the neck up and not truly present in the moment where nature and reality exist, people don’t have to wake up. They stay unconscious and the vicious cycle continues at their expense ‎and that of the most vulnerable .
 Another point is the fact that it was the evidence that was thrown out. The facts, the truth thrown into the TRASH by the VERY people who should be using facts to reveal truth and did the opposite and went by the victim’s dream. The fact that she named other men who she was actually drinking with before she had the dream went uninvestigated.
 To top that all off, again, it was the actual rapist who came forward L. C. Jackson, who wrote to Moses- EL, after decades of being incarcerated but, came forward none the less, to ‎admit his guilt. Another example of the “people” having to do the work For the so-called “officials”. Even then, it took another 2 years for Clarence Moses-EL to be released.
What kind of completely imbalanced, sick system are we living in? No mention, of course, ‎of anyone being held accountable who threw away the evidence or ignored the facts in the first place. As long as the “officials” are allowed to get away with being held to a lower set of standards than the rest of the public rather than Hiherg like they’re supposed to be, we’ll just be perpetuating the separation of man’s system from Natural Law. But, who cares, as long as it’s not happening to us.



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