How "Parents" perpetuate Climate Crimes

DSC00246I’m writing again to connect the Micro to the Macro. To connect the unhealthy, abusive family and parenting to the larger system and world we have today. There is NO talk or mention that the “family” is the spreader of all the ignorance, abuse and debt. The so-called “family” or just pro creating is how the misery gets passed down, even by “well intentioned” parents. The family has been reduced to the transmitter of debt and destruction with nature being used against people.
In Paris after the COP21 ended, environmental activists & journalists held a “mock” trial against EXXON for Climate crimes in front of an audience. A tribunal of judges heard testimony from witnesses which included scientists, energy experts and residents of frontline communities who are threatened by climate change.
Acting as chief prosecutors, environmentalist Bill McKibben of and journalist Naomi Klein questioned witnesses.
“We call it the People’s Trial, there’s Nothing ‘mock’ about this. The stakes could not be higher”, said Naomi Klein. The environmental movement is having to step up because of the failure of politicians, the ‘mock’ trial is stepping in because the courts have also failed. Naomi believes the prosecution of EXXON will happen very soon. “Don’t think of this as a ‘mock’ trial but, as a preview of EXXON’S future”.
Then, Bill McKibben began calling witnesses. The first woman who stood up was from the Marshall Islands where the water level is rising. “We’re living in a lot of fear” , said Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. “If we lose our land, we lose our identity as a people”. Bill McKibben asked how long people have been living on the Marshall Islands and Kathy replied, “Over 2000 years”. “The ocean has stayed at a level that made it possible to sustain life there”, said McKibben. Kathy then, spoke about an island that went under water in 10 years time. McKibben said, “so in the 25 years since EXXON knew about climate change there’s been remarkable change”.
The next witness was from a rein deer herding family from the Saami culture, Jannie Staffansson, telling the “court” how the rein deer cannot smell food under the ground due to the drastic changes in temperatures creating ice crusts on the snow leading them to starve to death.
“Arctic communities are Ground Zero for climate change”, said another witness from Arctic village Alaska. Asked by Naomi Klein is she was angry that EXXON saw ice melting as a profit making opportunity, her response was, “It makes me angry that they knew, my children are going to be devastated by climate change”.
Jason Box, climatologist was next on a geological survey of Greenland and Denmark. “EXXON is an example of a corporation that went rogue. They were doing the best science in the discipline then, defunded those programs and started to actively fund disinformation campaigns to perpetuate their profitability. Some of their own scientists are concluding failed agricultural systems; drought, sea level rise, chaotic systems. They Lied for short therm gain and we will be paying for that for decades to come”.
Naomi Klein asked Cindy Baxter of if Exxon used the same tactic as the Tobacco Industry to lessen facts about the harmful effects of cigarettes? “Absolutely” she said. “They spent $31 million from 1998-2014 funding climate denial campaigns run by think tanks and denying the climate science themselves”.
Naomi Klein said of EXXON’S CEO, Rex Tillerson, “People will adjust”. Ken Henshaw of Social Action Nigeria replied, “I really feel bad because it seems to me that they don’t take in to consideration what people are going through, the situation is becoming more and more dire”.
I wanted to interject here and point out the Total Dysfunction of this attitude by the Exxon CEO. “The people have always adjusted”. It’s like saying the victim has to adjust to the abuser. The people worldwide have to “adjust” to the Corporatocracy’s never ending Lust for Profit and desecration of people and the planet! This guy is NUTS! They don’t come any sicker.
“I’m really getting scared”, Ken Henshaw said about the life expectancy in Nigeria is between 43 & 46 because the water supply was being contaminated with Benzine.
Sandra Steingraber PhD biologist of Concerned Health professionals of NY and a specialist in Fracking was the next witness. She spoke about Exxon’s relationship to Fracking in the U.S. Exxon, “the worlds largest natural gas producer that extracts oil and gas via fracking All Over the World. More recently it’s gone after the shale oil in Argentina”. Naomi Klein asked Sandra to talk about the climate effects of Fracking. “Natural gas gets marketed as a ‘solution'”, said NK, “Is that your experience?” “Natural gas is a climate problem”, said Sandra Steingraber, “it’s a catastrophe for the climate. Exxon is complicit in promulgating the idea that natural gas is a more friendly fossil fuel than Oil, gas & coal”.
Sandra was asked by NK about being a mother and the protection of future generations from Climate change and what her reaction was to hearing about Exxon’s science on it since the 70’s. “I myself was studying CC as early as 1977. We in the scientific community have known of the reality of CC for a long time”.
This is the part I wanted to stress in this writing.
“As a mother I know the disinformation campaign by many but, most notably by Exxon makes it difficult for me to do my job as a mother”. Sandra specifically stresses the importance of parenting and how she’s being called upon to plan a future for our children to keep them safe from harm and CC makes that impossible. The Climate crisis is “Really a Parenting Crisis, it’s a Human Rights crisis”. She went on to say that for Exxon to deny CC that we’ve known about since the 1970’s is a “strike against parenting and human knowledge and scientific progress”.
This is where I will begin my plea again, about the abusive/dysfunctional family that I’ve been trying to since 1970. Not knowing I was the victim of CC back then but, knowing, however, feeling very un-mistakably, the effects of it. I have to write about this because if I don’t then, who will? When those who are supposed to be in charge of your care and health are doing the opposite when you’re a chid, then who do you turn to? When It’s parents who are the ones doing the harm and are emotional children themselves, that is an environmental, health disaster. Who is standing up for the most vulnerable when it goes in direct conflict with Corporate profit? “Parents” are literally forced to sell out the health of their children or stand up to the system. Most will not do that. The Corporations and gov literally ARE the Abusive Parent to the world. Who’s going to stand up to them?
The “family” system, at least the one I tried to grow up in and in many others also, was no different than any of the health issues all of the witnesses at the trial raised from the effects of Climate Change and Exxon, along with many other companies, who are after nothing more than profit by extracting resources from the earth and it’s people.

 Is it really a surprise that these companies deny the harm they cause to the earth and it’s people? The fact that they do their own investigation and scientific study and that an independent study isn’t done should be cause for concern. The idea that Exxon is going to police themselves is the same fox guarding the hen house we’ve heard many times.
 That parents are going to police themselves also is ludicrous. It’s physically impossible for “parents” to do a quality job as long as we live under Capitalism.
 It was clear to me since I was 6 in 1970 that I was being extracted. My health was being extracted.

 I worry right now as I right this who I’m appealing to? Is there anyone out there that I can appeal to because when I was trying to grow up and for decades after‎ everyone was in on it. Everyone defended their lack of health because, they’re unhealthy and unable to “see it. I wonder if I’m just writing on “deaf ears”. There’s never been anyone to appeal to in my entire life. I fear nothing has changed. The Illness runs too deep.
 Despite the clear evidence of harm being done to me in my house at a young age not one “adult” did anything about it. What is so unbelievably terrifying to me because, as I’ve always been aware, people have absolutely no knowledge of what it means to be truly healthy. Most people don’t have any idea that they’re living far below where they should be. What is more important than being fully healthy in life? What could possibly be more important than fighting against something that’s harmful to your health? What could possibly be more important than health? Even mental, emotional health?
 Because emotional health is not even included as a part of health, it gets completely excluded. Which is the Illness. And yet the signs and symptoms of the effects of dysfunctional relationships ‎and families gets absolutely NO attention. Mental Illness IS human Climate Change.
 People are living SO far below their full capabilities of health and yet in our society it’s considered “normal”. It would be like saying that having 3 arms or 2 heads or living with some blatant deformity as a result of environmental contamination is normal as Rex W. Tillerson the CEO of Exxon wants people to believe.  His remark, “people have always adjusted to climate change”. Having cancer is normal.
 The fact that people do not even recognize the signs of an abusive relationship and someone telling you that you should adjust yourself to their abuse and addiction to profit is, itself a sign of mental Climate Change. ‎The truth is, it’s not Climate Change that people are being forced to adjust to. The people are being forced to adjust to the “Mental Climate Shift” and Addiction to GMO $ of those heading corporations that is making the planet over in their image. The planet is sick because those who’ve stolen power are sick. CC is a reflection of the mental health of all of us really and how we’ve allowed $$ to preside over nature.
 Everything is all connected and one thing feeds the other. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s one gigantic dysfunctional, abusive relationship like one of domestic violence. We can solve the macro by solving the micro.
 “Parents” who are not emotionally healthy pass down down emotional debt to their child thereby perpetuating the vicious cycle of never ending deterioration of health.
 If the only thing people notice is the large scale disasters such as a drowning island in the Marshall Islands or the early deaths of those in Nigeria, if those things even get mentioned in main stream press, and not the illnesses that are right in front of people then, we’re in for much trouble.
 It was so obvious to me as a child that ALL the people I was surrounded by as a child were emotionally unhealthy and unfit to be in a leadership role like many today. No one is going to say anything about it because it’s normal to simply be a slave and have a job and not advance beyond that to be a full thinking and acting adult. There were No Real adults around when I was a child. Not one. Not a parent, neighbor, relative or community member stood as a true role model for what it meant to be a quality person in life. No one was encouraged or raised to live to fulfill their dreams.
 I could feel the health being Extracted from me and my body at the age of 8 when I felt a dark “cloud”, entity, ghost envelop me in the upstairs room of the house I lived in. It was the most terrifying experience one could imagine. To be trapped and feel like a POW in your own house and neighbors were all in on it. No one was smart enough to see what was going on and step up. If you feel so bad about yourself at that early of an age, walk around feeling no real love and no boost in reaching a reasonable level of health by those around who are supposed to be family, is it really hard to believe Corporations and the “gov” are going to give a shit about you?
 It was physically impossible for me to convey the terror I felt as I was already intimidated into submission. I need to rely on the “adults” around me to see that something was wrong. But, because they’re unfit, they couldn’t.
 The depression and oppression that loomed from domestic violence and divorce not to mention being brought into the world because it was against the Catholic Church to have an abortion. I was literally raised with un unspoken attitude of “be glad you weren’t aborted. “Be glad you have a roof over your head and clothes on your back”. Children were taught they had no value and should be “seen and not heard’. I could feel the Illness setting in inside of me as early as 6. I was pulling eyelashes out for 3 years from the 2nd grade til the 5th.The neglect was in your face and normal. Is this healthy? Is this not environmental devastation and pollution? $ makes everything in this life backwards and upside down by the simple fact that it is Not real and Not from nature and doesn’t represent nature.

‎ When those supposed to be supporting and caring for you end up doing the opposite and you have no recourse and no way to protect and defend yourself, it’s a death. You’re there for their needs instead. They think it’s possible to skimp on nature’s demands and what a human being Must have physically, emotionally and spiritually to live healthily. When it blows up in their face they blame you. I lived, like many others, the micro of the macro today and all the police brutality, fake war and blaming the “terrorists” all while carrying on for Corporate “profit”. Fake “profit”, unnatural “profit”. I was the terrorist and criminal by age 8 in my house. Of course it’s never the incompetent “leadership” that’s the problem. The one’s mangling the situation. This is the example of environmental devastation I’ve tried pointing it out since the 70’s. It’s the one in charge, naturally, who should be held accountable. That’s what being a leader means! Blaming the subordinate is how the pollution and responsibility gets transferred down. There’s your emotional Climate Change.
Being made to feel wrong and bad as a child for standing up for myself because there was no on else to do it sets you up for allowing yourself to be ripped off for the rest of your life. I’m sure the Corporations have no problem with that as that is the idea. How is there anyone to turn to when everyone is in on it?
Being trained at a young age to devalue yourself and to allow yourself to be ripped off works great for corporate profit. “Parents” and neighbors teaching you to bail them out, the very “parent” neglecting you so you take on the emotional debt is all part of environmental and health destruction for profit. Corporations do not want people to grow to be healthy and fit. That was obvious when I was young but, not to anyone else. I did all I could to wake people but, to no avail. People clung to and defended their slavery unwaveringly.
If they can train you to bail out and protect the abusive “parent” you’ll be doing it all your life.
Like it or not, relationships are either healthy and fit or dysfunctional and abusive. That is directly related to climate change. And since Corporate profit has been an underlying cancer for so many decades, there’s no way it has not infected “parents” who’s growth is stunted then seek their fulfillment fro robbing from their child instead of having the courage to resist the Corporate Addicts.


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