Relationship Debt

Most people just don’t think about it but, when you really look, when you really do the math, it’s clear how people inherited a debt way of thinking and living. It’s clear where the mentality of, you can’t fight city hall so we just scapegoat the littler guy, mentality came from.
 That is the attitude that most people need to confront and see in themselves. Most people are not raised with the attitude of challenging the system. They’re taught to go along with it. That right there is deadly. That tells us right there how rigged the system truly is. NO ONE should ever be above reproach! NO one should ever be in a position where they’re “above it all”‎ and never scrutinized while they are endlessly scrutinizing and judging those who don’t even have the power to do anything “bad”. Those without power end up being criminalized for healthy mistakes and healthy anger while those in power end up with an excess of their rightful share. It comes down to health. We don’t  need to be in a work environment to see this, It starts at home. Is the environment healthy?   Are the relationships healthy? Not dealing with after admitting the relationships are not healthy only keeps the problems and the pollution going until it becomes a crisis, which is where we are today.
 This is why I’ve been telling people about Natural Law and Fitness all my life. Healthy relationship skills in the family and in all situations. NO one should ever be in a position of not being challenged and scrutinized. Ever. It goes against natural law and should be a red flag and a warning of abuse. If people are being brought up to never be allowed to point fingers at parents or parents never admit to mistakes or fallability and admit that their child is correct in pointing something out, this sets the stage for endless abuse and of those in “power” to never be held accountable.
 The first place democracy and healthy relationships should exists is at home. And how often does that happen? If a person grows up in a “family” where a parent can never be challenged or fallable, never admit they’re wrong or made a mistake, that steals from the child. It robs the energy and rights from the child and goes to the parent who doesn’t deserve it. It can make a child emotionally ill due to having their Rights violated. If someone is right, they’re right. Not giving them their due credit puts people into a psych and a health debt they can never get out of.
  If a parent is not healthy and their development is under developed, they can’t not do this. They will rob energy from their child to finish their development, to feel “one up” on the child. To finish what ever unfinished business they need to deal with from their own upbringing. If their parent or parents stole from them the debt persists until it’s satisfied.
Nature cannot be gotten over. This is the Debt I’ve been studying and trying to get people to look at since the 70’s. With not enough leverage because my energy was robbed and recieving so much opposition, I was stuck and still stuck in a catch 22. How can a young person ever have the energy and resources it takes to deal with and go up against those who are supposed to be there for them and be providing that energy and are, instead, stealing it? They can’t. This is the biggest scam that no one is talking about. This is the biggest “Ponzi scheme” and “economic crash” that no one talks about. I don’t know why. I guess it’s not National Security level enough to get high ratings yet it is the most dangerous.
 People do not understand that as time passes and those in “power” abuse it and don’t get held accountable, like the pollution of the environment, more and more psych garbage will be passed down to the young. This can’t Not happen, unless a parent is wide awake to what’s happening and is actively resisting those in power.
 If those in power were truly powerful and deserving of their position, they would be open and even encouraging the people to hold them accountable. They would be holding themselves to account. There wouldn’t be this, “We’re above reproach” attitude, “We’re above natural law” mentality.  Those in “power” should be scrutinized MORE than those without power. The system is completely backwards and right in people’s faces and they don’t see it because they haven’t been taught to challenge the “powerful”.
 We need to change our habits Big time and start pointing th finger more and those in power to make sure that when they’re poiting the finger at us, it’s clean and they aren’t just dumping their own guilt down.
 This was a no brainer when I was a kid. My “parents” were not “parents” at all. They were literally imposters. People who have reproductive organs and can reproduce does not make them real parents. The standard of quality of real parenting is so low, anyone with a uterus and a penis can copulate. But to truly raise a child to be a real, healthy adult is a completely different story. Most people are incapable. They have not even reached a healthy level of maturity themselves and have grown to full adulthood themselves. The endless reproducing of people who are immature and underdeveloped creates and endless cycle of “diluting” Humans. Every generation becomes less and less “ripe”. More and more Genetically Modified. People rely more and more on $$ and think that as long as they have $ and teach their kids to just go out and make $ while skipping over nature’s process of teaching them and raising them with nature’s process, everthing is going to work out fine. The problem with this mentality is that it’s GMO ING human develpment. You either go through nature’s process or you don’t. A fruit, a vegetable either goes through nature’s process o it doesn’t. An animal either grows naturally or it doesn’t. We should be living in a world where doing things as close to nature as possible should be the goal. But it’s actually the opposite. Doing things nature’s way is too inconvenient, too much bother. Skipping it is the goal. GMO ing it is the goal.
 In an email from the Institute for Public Accuracy I received it talks about a grandmother jailed and an Order of “Protection”‎ against her for photographing protestors at an airbase in upstate NY. This is what it said,,  She said today: “The U.S. military killed an elder in Afghanistan on his way to mediate a land dispute. Then drone pilots carried out a triple tap — targeting first responders who came to help after the drones killed the first group of people, and then the next three who came to help. It’s obvious that the actions of our government are just creating more destruction and anger. We citizens must stop U.S. state sponsored terror through the use of killer drones. As the whistleblower drone operators stated in their open letter to President Obama, this practice only fuels recruitment to groups like ISIS.”
She was jailed for photographing eight Catholic drone protesters outside the Air Force base from the roadway. End.
When are people going to start taking things seriously instead of continuing to have this laxadazicle attitude that the world is too big for the corrption to ever reach me, attitude? The fact that people don’t respond to injustices like this shows that the corruption Has reached them and has affected their health and sharpness.
 The other night I watched Prison Kids. This is who we are putting in jail. This is what jail has become. A human zoo for those who reveal the corrupt system’s dirty little secret by acting out. These kids are just as much a whistleblower as Edward Snowden, they’re just presenting it in a different, less privileged language.

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