Yanis Varoufakis realizing the Abusive relationship with the IMF

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This is what a large version of an abusive, “Domestic Violence” relationship sounds like.

I had to post how Yanis Varoufakis described what was going on at his meetings with the IMF and the EU exposing the environment as extremely dysfunctional and is one of the few people to come out and reveal it. He’s saying and describing the same type of scenario I’ve been trying to illustrate here involving my time spent living at home as a young child. Health people do not mix with unhealthy people and environments, simple. Listening to him speak on Democracy Now on Thursday and when I filmed him at the New School on Monday night, I hear myself.
Who would think the “Most Interesting Man in the World” would be saying the same thing I’ve been saying for 4 decades. When I expressed truth all my life, I received the exact opposite response because those who should be helping me get somewhere are the very people pulling the rug out from under and they’re too blind to see the value of the person they have right in front of them. YV clearly had people on his side when he was young or he wouldn’t have the common sense and moral compass to step down as finance minister of Greece.
He admitted in his talk at the New School that the people at the IMF admitted the math doesn’t work in the “loans” to Greece. There wold be No way for the people to repay. The Greek people shouldn’t even have to pay them because they didn’t get the $ from the loan in the first place. In the first loan the German and French banks received 90% of the money, the second “loan” the German and French banks received 100%, the 3rd time, YV wouldn’t sign. Clearly YV is used to dealing with people who are on the up & up. His interaction with the IMF and the EU and their dishonesty was obvious to him. Many people would have been intimidated into going along, YV was not. It comes down to healthy relationships. Some people can recognize abusive/ dysfunctional ones when they see them. This is not economics, it’s health.
Here is the link on his talk at the New School where he tells the crowd of 800 people and another 100 or so in an overflow room, that the IMF knows the #’s don’t work but, they are too invested to change it.
 Negotiating the extent of the “bailout” and the extent of austerity.
 Whitehouse. Josh Earnest “Greece must follow through on structural reforms” ‎. The EU has made “efforts”, Greece has a responsibility to do that.
 This is war. Psych war. Financial fracking.
Go to the Greek banks who got the $. Not the people who didn’t.
 YV said the 2 elephants in the room are at each other’s throats, the IMF and the German gov and are trampling on the little mouse, Greece. There are no structural reforms. Cutting pensions is not reform. Butchery is not the same as surgery.
IMF utterly frustrated with Germany. The IMF knows the Greek debt is unsustainable. They know the #’s Germany is imposing on Greece will explode.
IMF – internal devaluation.
 If the IMF shrinks the national income & economy of Greece they can’t possibly pay a debt‎. The IMF wants to turn Greece into a dessert and call it peace and cull the debt.
 YV is realizing and he says it in his talk in NYC at the New School. He talks about feeling that the little boy inside of him wants to believe the “Good Adults” at the IMF know what they are doing, then admits, “The ‘adults’ don’t know what they are doing”.
He is saying the same thing I experienced and spoke out about when I was 7 years old. You know when those in power are not capable of being in your best interest or have any intention of doing so. Be they “parents” or people working for the IMF or the EU when you’re the finance minister of Greece, you know when those you are dealing with on not on the same side and working towards the same goal, to raise the people up. It’s at the expense of the people of Greece,, NOT in their best interest. It’s Abusive and it’s clear. Like I knew and spoke out about as a child at “home” with those who are not on my side. How can a child possibly stand up for themselves against those who are supposed to stand up for them? You can’t. The REAL Math with Greece and their “creditors” is the fact that those involved are not on the same side. This is not a difficult thing to realize. It’s not the $$, Its those controlling it. No different than an abusive spouse, usually the husband, using $$ to control the wife. Is this economics or is it simply abuse? It’s the same thing with the IMF and the German gov. It’s not economics, it’s abuse.
Butchery is not surgery, YV says. Turning Greece into a dessert and calling it peace
The German gov doesn’t want to talk about the debt ‎then they would have to admit the “bailout loans” for Greece were for the German & French banks.
 Paul Thompson. “We need an event”. Another crisis, bank closures in Greece to (concentrate the mind) of Merkel.
 Ponzi austerity. Pretend to be growing income on the basis of unsustainable debt. The more debt you take the more you pretend you’re growing then you take on more unsustainable debt to maintain the illusion that you’re solvent.
 “The German gov saw me as a major inconvenience because I didn’t want any $$” said YV. “Germany paid too much in the case of the Greek bailout. Largest loan in human history. What happened to that $? It wasn’t $ for Greece, it was $ for the banks. Greek people took on the largest loan in humn history ‎on behalf of German and French bankers under conditions that guaranteed that the Greek income would shrink by 1/3, this is Grapes of Wrath”.
 The bailout of Greece was to save their own banks and present it as solidarity with Greece.
“We are not going to take another euro from a German taxpayers until we stabilize the economy”.
YV did to the IMF what I did at a young age, say NO to abusers. Call the scheme out for what it was, people in power who are not in your best interest and are, in fact, the exact opposite, using you. Abusive relationships are abusive relationships, no matter what the size. The Real Math under the fake math.
 “Why I was inconvenient”. Protestant housewife. A banker should not borrow more $. I was utilizing the morality of the Protestant ethic of no more loans for bankers ‎.
A Greek finance minister was not asking for more loans.
91% bailout went to German and French banks the first time. 2nd ,100%. ‎3rd, YV not sign, 85 bill. 0% goes to Greece.
2010 greece went bankrupt due to a monetary union not fit in sustaining the collapse of Wall st, city of London, etc.
Private bank losses onto the shoulders of the weakest taxpayers. Greeks knowing the shoulders were weak unable to sustain the burden. Then to the German, slovek and French taxpayer.
 This is exactly the same as abusive “adults” , “parents” passing abuse or any kind onto the vulnerable child. Those closest to that child have the easiest ability to do it. It’s devastating for the most vulnerable to be betrayed by those who are entrusted to look out for them. There is no greater betrayal, no matter what the scale.
How do the most vulnerable stand up without help? REAL HELP?
Great depression with no end in sight. No New Deal.
PTB in Berlin, White house spokesperson siding with Berlin insisting the pretending and extending continue keep up the denial.
“We were elected to say no to “creditors”. No not to an honorable agreement. No to the extending an pretending. Something or someone with Real value and courage has to break the vicious cycle otherwise it would continue because the abuser will not stop.
The PM and the FM not sign on for another spin.
A bank coup.
Greeks terrorized by media. Armagedon if they vote no. ‎Banks close. July 5th 62% No! Energized by Greeks.
PM not so much. Surrender. Surrender to an Enemy document.
Stable dessert or declining depressed state.
Fiscal waterboarding. Different from austerity. Austerity. Self defeating. Fail. Downward spiral.
Fiscal WB – preditory relationship btwn “creditors” & Greek gov.
Creditors lend Greece $, & Greece has to make payments every year. Which it cannot because it’s broke.
Every 3rd moth the “creditors bring the Greeks to a point of asphyxiation by refusing loans which are necessary for the Greek state to repay them to not be in default. Bring Greece to the verge of not being able to pay pensions, electric bill in schools.
 Just before death you give the victim a gulp of breath, repeat.
 Instead of o2 it’s liquidity not for Greece but for the torturer to continue torturing you.
Debt spiral.
George Orwell would love the double speak. Greek gov under pressure from the EU to intern the refugees. Instead of treating them like people in need of support, food, medicine, psych help. They get treated as per Brussels, like aliens. Greek gov told in order to get $, intern the refugees.  ‎If u let them free you get not a penny to feed them. NGO’s looking after them.
Our country has become richer when Greece accepted refugees from Albania.
We want the troika to reign in the French national budget. Greek misery used to France cannot eat cake.
Golden Dawn.

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