How can people abused by “parents” as Children sue as adults?

It’s right in front of us. It’s just become normalized that family is dysfunctional and oppressive. Now, so is everything, just about.
I’ve been trying to speak out on my own about the abusive/neglectful/harmful “family” system for decades.
 It comes down to the fact that; it’s Your fault that you are not born with the skills and abilities it takes to deal with all the Debt, psych pollution and assault put on you by this system. You are in DEBT the minute you are born into an unhealthy, and even a fairly healthy family, if the parents are not aware and go along. Families and relationship health have deteriorated like the environment. “Parents” passing more and more psych debt and emotional pollution down to their children. It’s the new “normal”.
 Just like the polar bears, too many people are drowning and actually bring it on themselves.
 I was trying to tell people decades ago that the enemy is within. They’re IN your house/”family”. Unless that fact gets acknowledged and people start working towards better, it will continue.
 It’s Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for people who are born into abuse and neglect to have the leverage within themselves to fight against the very people who should be raising and helping them have the leverage they need.
 Never mind the banks or Corporations selling the people out for “profit”. “Parents” who don’t have what it takes to raise and give their child the life they deserve to live are part of the problem. The fact is; they’re Not Real Family. They are the enemy. They are no different than the illegitimate cop who, because people are trained to trust because of a uniform, has the most potential to abuse.  If any “authority” person has not reached their own level of maturity and responsibility they clearly will not be able to “raise” anyone else. Be they parent or police.
 People end up reproducing to take from their child and steal their emotional energy and self worth right out of their child, pulling the rug out from under the very people they should be empowering. The banksters and Corps can’t do the harm “parents” can.
 It’s become way too “normalized” for just anyone to have a child. It’s become too normalized for people to live way below their level of growth and development.
 People talk about Climate Change and the pollution of the environment and yet the signs and symptoms that we are destroying the growth and development of future generations is glaring right in the face.
 “Parents” using their children to meet their own emotional needs at the child’s expense is robbery and soul murder and yet, is not seen as an issue. It’s not seen as the blatant illness and moral injury that it is.
 A person born with “parents” who cannot and do not meet the non negocialble needs of a child leave that child in a perpetual state of deficiency and addiction no different than any Debtors prison police or entire cities now do to whole cultures of people. They will forever be trying to get their emotional/physical needs met, the required leverage they need and deserve, in any unskilled way they know how. This is basically how our entire system dys functions‎.
 Without a real adult leader in position who has the skills to genuinely solve problems, a healthy grown up  there for the child to lean on, push off of‎ and get they’re healthy needs met at the time that nature requires, it’s just as bad as Texxaco dumping toxic chemicals in the Amazon.
 Whether in prison or out of prison, if this system really wanted people to be raised and be the future we all deserve, they would be. It’s that simple. It’s crystal clear that the “system” does not want people raised but, imprisoned and enslaved so that Junkie Corporations can get even larger and destroy the planet and other lives even more.
 It’s clear that “parents” are helping the system suck the life out of their children so the Sociopaths can be even larger while children born have their growth stunted and criminalized for trying to grow to their rightful size and intelligence.
 People not concerned with reaching their full potential and dreams and instead just opt out to have a job and some kids are part of the problem. Fact; the system does not call for or encourage people to be their full, smart, caring self. The system calls for people to only grow to a certain point then stop. Just enough to be a slave and feed and clothe themselves. And the public doesn’t argue. They accept it. Many accept that they will only have a job and not question “authority” out of fear of losing their paycheck. ‎People have been conditioned OUT of their nature and into man made program.
 All people should expect to be able to live their dreams, to be what they want to be, what makes them passionate and expresses their uniqueness. That self actualization is not an option for many people and many people clearly accept it without resistence  shows the blatant dysfunction, or abusive relationship, our system has become.
 I was prompted to write this blog after reading an article in the Guardian about a 26 year old female who recently awarded 2 million £ from having health problems from nearly drowning when she was 10 years old at a pool. Lifeguards and others who were supposed to be watching her were in “breach of care” the article said. Children abused by “parents” should be compensated the same way.
 The problem with our society is that the more people need help the less they receive it. No one wants to be bothered doing the hard work. The more help someone needs the more likely they are to be blamed and marginalized. It’s ALL a matter of leverage. People are more likely to abuse those who need the most help instead of helping them.
 This woman received compensation because her parents pursued the case. The woman can’t work, she can’t function at certain things. She does have a partner and a small child which keeps her going.
 Because she has the leverage of good parents she gets the justice she deserves. That means, those who deserve Justice the most,, don’t get it. That means,, when children are abused by their own “parents”, there is NO one to help them, unless a neighbor or relative helps. But, the chances of holding the abusive parents accountable and getting the child the compensation they deserve is rare if ever.
 From the article,, Woodland is unable to work and lawyers handle her finances as she does not have the capacity to manage her own affairs. “I can’t even explain what it’s like,” she said. “It affects everything, but you try and explain what’s wrong with you and people don’t believe it … It’s a lonely place to be.”
 This is exactly what I go through every day since the early 70’s. If people can’t “see” crutches, a wheelchair or some other obvious disability, they treat you as if you’re just like them. And this woman has a husband, a child and parents who helped her get compensated. What do you do if you’re completely on your own and instead of helping you those around you don’t take you seriously?
 Being injured on the inside like Mrs. Woodland or soldiers and people with childhood abuse with PTSD, who don’t have obvious visible scars or impairments get treated like they’re making stuff up.
 More from the article,,Her mother, Alison, 50, said Annie had been “a happy, confident little girl”. She said the legal action had not been driven by money but to stop it happening to anyone else: “At least I know now that whatever happens in the future she is going to be safe and secure.”

The family’s lawyer, Jennifer Maloney, a serious injury specialist at the law firm Slater and Gordon, said: “Annie is a brave young woman who has been forced to spend most of her childhood and all of her adult life dealing with the devastating consequences of what happened. She deserves some peace of mind which I hope this settlement will bring.”


I never had the chance to be a “happy, confident girl” when it’s “parents” who rob you of your health and give you trauma. Annie was forced to spend most of her childhood and all her adult life dealing with “Devastating consequences of what happened”.


I’ve suffered with trauma all my life.


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