The Rigged Debt system Killed John MacKenzie

This system is not built or run by legitimate laws, facts or evidence. It dys functions on what ever bullying people in “power” make up out of thin air like fake, debt based $.
 Another story of a complete travesty of justice similar to what I’ve been saying for a long time from my own experiences since I’m 6 years old in the early 70’s.  Having incompetent or vindictive people who have control over your life. People in “power” who are totally illegitimate.
 John MacKenzie spent 4 decades serving out his time for killing a cop in 1975 in upstate NY at Fishkill.
 I interviewed his attorney yesterday to be played on‎ Wed Aug 24th 7-9pm ET. Kathy Manley is a longtime attorney and advocate for prisoners rights who was helping John MacKenzie appeal yet another denial of his parole. MacKenzie was denied parole 10 times since he reached the end of his 25 yr. sentence in 2000. John MacKenzie was 70 years old and committed suicide after being denied parole for the 10th time.
 Kathy Manley called John MacKenzie the “Poster Boy for parole”. If he didn’t deserve to be parolled no one did. Even the judge, judge Rosa held the parole board in contempt of court for denying MacKenzie’s parole multiple times. Rosa is quoted asking the parole board that if MacKenzie doesn’t meet the qualifications of parole than who does?
 Kathy Manley told me that MacKenzie achieved 2 Bachelors degrees while in prison, he started programs with parents of murdered children of which he received a grant to expand.
 “Greenhaven shut it down”‎, Kathy said. They didn’t want John to be successful with his program. They don’t want prisoners being rehabilitated.
 Also, Kathy Manley told me that it was the PBA‎, the police benevolent association, that was showing up at every one of MacKenzie’s parole hearings telling the parole board not to release Makenzie.
 “We don’t care how remorseful he is, he killed a cop, never let him out”, was what Kathy Manley was quoted repeating what the PBA had said.
 So, that’s it. MacKenzie paid his debt to society but, it’s not enough. Based purely on emotion and whims of those in the positions of “authority”, they can manipulate the system to their will. Facts, evidence, real laws don’t matter. Even if you paid your price, which is more than what cops get when they kill you, no jail time, you can do NOTHING to pay off the debt. The entire system is rigged.
  Like endless fake $ debt that so many are falsely put in today, there is no way out for the average person who’s in a debt that they don’t even deserve. The ptb are so used to having the scale tipped in their favor, not them being there for the people, it’s just a psych Ponzi scheme.
 This is the point I’ve been trying to make about the “family” system for decades. The abuse and psychological/emotional debt transfered to a child by “parents” is so subtle and covert.
 If this can happen to grown adults by other “adults” in power imagine what a “parent” can do to a child?
It’s basically the same. People in power can literally do what ever they want and there’s not a thing subordinates can do about it.  A “parent” can manipulate a child into emotional debt where the child can never be free. That’s how this sytem dys functions. That’s the “norm”. It’s so accepted as a way of relating it’s not even questioned. Passing down emotional debt is “normal”.
 John MacKenzie had his program of working with parents of murdered children shut down because they didn’t want him to improve, to rehabilitate himself, to ever be free.  The system sucks the life out of people like many “parents” suck the life out of their children. I tried speaking out all my life about being undermined as a child. ‎Abuse in the family system is the “norm”. “Parents” are entitled to steal from their child. The flow of currency that should be going in one direction flows the other way instead like an easy bank robbery. If a “parent” is emotionally unhealthy
And in debt, it’s guaranteed to happen. Real debt is not acknowledged in this country and turned around. It’s perpetuated by design.
 Why is it that we can speak out now about Wall St. Robbing from people, the mortgage scandal and predatory lending but, we never hear anything about the blatant theivery that goes on towards children in their own home by those who should protect them the most? “Parents” can completely fail at their job and the child is helpless to stop it.
 What happened to John MacKenzie happens to innocent children every day by emotionally immature and just plain vindictive “parents”. John MacKenzie did committ murder and did his time and deserved to be released. Not have his life manipulated by illegitimate “authority” who get off on having power over others.
  Many children are completely innocent and are framed to inherit and take on the psych debt and emotional baggage of parents. Many “parents” feel threatened by their own children’s gifts and confidence. Many “parents” emotionally starve their children and keep the child in emotional deprivation so they are easier to control.  The “family” is a form of imprisonment where a child can never be truly free. If a parent is not healthy and feels fulfilled in their own life they will suck the life out of their child.
 Real parenting is about raising a child to be free. Only healthy people can do that. Who knows what healthy is in this society, especially emotionally healthy?
 Real family and community should emotionally and physically support a child until that child reaches their full level of healthy balance like a ripe fruit. Real parents should be able to help their child reach their full maturity and too many can’t and don’t and yet it’s overlooked everyday until it becomes the new “norm”.
 The lack of Fitness is this system is incalculable.

 From an article by RAPP Campaign, Release Aging People in Prison;Mr. MacKenzie had filed a motion for contempt following a string of parole appearances and denials stretching over 15 years. In 2015, the court had ordered a de novo hearing after one such denial, citing the Board’s failure to do more than rehash the details of the original crime. When the new hearing merely echoed the earlier ones, Mr. MacKenzie sought the contempt citation. In her decision granting Mr. MacKenzie’s motion, Dutchess Supreme Court Justice Maria G. Rosa wrote, “It is undisputed that it is unlawful for the parole Board to deny parole solely on the basis of the underlying conviction. Yet the court can reach no other conclusion but that this is exactly what the parole Board did in this case.”

Judge Rosa also wrote, “It is undisputed that this petitioner has a perfect institutional record for the past 35 years. This case begs the question, if parole isn’t granted to this petitioner, when and under what circumstances would it be granted?”

This is everything I studied about so to BREAK the vicious cycle in life instead of going around in circles.

The Parole board,, really the PBA, uses MacKenzie’s original crime to continue keeping him locked up. A psychological mind manipulation that perpetuates the past and never allows him to be free of it no matter what he does, no matter how remorseful he is and no matter how many people he helps. That is a total manipulation of the laws of nature, of cause and effect and can drive a person insane.

People were always saying to me “get out of the past” when no acknowledgement of the abuse that was done to me ever came or any justice. I was totally innocent and had abuse perpetrated upon me and it was never acknowledged and I was never compensated and yet people expect ed me to be over it. The laws of nature don’t work that way.

In this case, John did everything he could to free himself from his past by changing his behavior. Exactly what people who transgress should do, what banksters and heads of Corporations who harm people and the environment need to be held to do and what police who murder civilians don’t ever do! The get away with it then begrudge someone who killed a cop and did his time and then some. It’s a total outrage.

The system is out of control with vindictive, immature, deficient people in power.



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