A Sexual Deviant cop shows up to “help” “Mentally Ill” Alfred Olango

Another “mentally ill” African American person shot dead by police this time in San Diego. 38year old Ugandan refugee, Alfred Olango.
 I want to first start off by saying that I question the term “mentally ill”. A more accurate term would be that these people are the healthier ones and their bodies are having a healthy response to this, nearly uninhabitable society.
 We’re killing off many of our already endangered species of animals, we are nearly tipping the health of the environment over the edge all for fake $, so “naturally” the healthier a person is the more they are going to have an adverse reaction to this terribly ill system. Much can be learned if people took the time to stop and listen and understand a “mentally ill” person just like a good doctor would do in order to understand a patient’s illness before beginning a diagnosis. It should be seen as an opportunity for growth and fitness, not an inconvenience.
 Instead of seeing a mentally ill person in the same way, or anyone who needs guidance and veers off course like a young person who robbed a store.
 The system is the predator  not the solution. The facts are right there. Police would not be killing the public who simply need help. There is NO Help. It’s just $$.
 It doesn’t get any clearer that the ptb are all about $ at the expense of the people. The people are just resources for Corporations to exploit‎. The police are no different. They are a business. That is what they are. There are there to rob the public of their $ and lives. Not to help.
 It’s unfortunate that many of the public have to find this out the hard way. How many “mentally ill”  people have to be killed ‎before the public realizes, DON’T CALL THE POLICE. Especially for the mentally ill.
 Police should have the mental/emotional skills of a surgeon ‎in deal with the emotionally disturbed just as a good parent has the emotional patience to deal with their toddlers tantrums. Police should have the emotional “cushion”/funds to deal with challenging people. Not be in emotional Debt and overreact in emotional bankrupcy to something they should have the “emotional funds” for.
 If no one has the skills then killing people is the result. This is what happens in a $ first society.
 It’s this unhealthy, unnatural system that Makes people mentaly ill then preys upon them for giving the blowback.
 An interviewee on a news show today was talking about how there is no help for mental health. I also want to point out that mental “illness” isn’t just some average person babbling and pacing on the street. What people don’t normally think of as mental illness, although more people are realizing that Wall St, Bankers and Corp owners are, in fact Sociopaths, are those in “power” positions with more FRN’s (Federal Reserve notes) than anyone could possibly ever digest. There have been seen as people to be admired and lately, more people are realizing they are mentally ill.
 David Koch who blatantly says, “I want my fair share and that’s all of it”. With people like the Koch brothers having all that leverage and not being hauled off to the rubber room, is it any wonder then, that people like the 38 year old African American male in San Diego will express the contrasting Shadow version of the extreme Koch attitude by showing up as troubled? The male in San Diego who was killed by police is like the by product of a system that allows the extreme Sociopath of the Koch’s and Paul Singer to go un abaited.
 It comes down to fitness. If you make the establishment look bad and unskilled, it’s YOUR fault! How dare you challenge the police or parents to do a quality job and make them look unqualified?‎ How dare natural law give any feedback that those in charge should actually USE to improve their behavior, like we do when learn to ride a bike.
FACT. Police are there for THEM not the public. The evidence doesn’t lie.
‎ First, it took the police 50 mins to arrive after being called multiple times. They said it was “not a priority”. Yet, how long before arriving did it take them to shoot him dead? I’d bet, a lot quicker than it took them to get there.
2, No gun was found at the scene. Albert had an E cigarette.
3. Olango was not mentally ill. He was simply having an emotional venting episode after losing a friend. Like we all do. ‎The police were made aware that Olango was having an emotional outburst before arriving.
 Only people with millions and billions of fake $, like the Koch brothers and huge corporations who destroy whole populations and the planet, can be mentally ill Sociopaths with impunity !
 4, the cop who shot Olango, Richard Gonzaves, had just been demoted from Sergeant after sexually harrassing a female officer and texting her a picture of his penis. (who is the mentally ill one?) The department rallied around him and he continued harrassing the female officer who was actually on the scene with him when he fired shots at Mr Olango.
 Officer Greer has taken out a second suit for sexual harassment on Gonzaves.
 5 The attorney for the Olango family, Dan Gilleon, said that Gonzaves escalated the situation when Olango pointed an E cigarette.
 I used to work for 911 EMS FDNY and did not feel comfortable when I saw those the public were replying on in their most neediest moments. So I quit.
6. One officer fired the tazer, without announcing “Tazer”, making a loud pop sound, just before the shots that killed Alfred Olango were fired.
 Gilleon said that Olango is not even dead 24 hrs and the cops are “cherry picking” the still of Olango that incriminate him and makes the cops look vindicated. The blame falls on the victim. He shouldnthave raised his hands. If the cops can’t plant a gun on you they will plant a still pic.
 I’m always seeing more cases that are exactly the points I was bringing up in the 70’s in the abusive “family” and “community”.
 This is the exact same scenerio I went through as a child in an abusive “home” with an abusive “parent”.
 Having the person you NEED to rely on be the aggressor. Escalate situations which drive you, the subordinate, to your wits end of emotional ability then blame you for “losing it”.
 What happens all the time in these situations with police and any other situation where people in the power position don’t have the qualifications ‎or skills and make a situation worse then, blame the subordinate.
 The role of who is supposed to be the professional, the skilled one, the giver and who is in the role of receiver gets deliberately confused and the one who should be the giver acts like the victim and blames the victim. This is classic Dysfunctional “family” stuff I’ve been trying to bring out since the early 70’s.
 There is no one to turn to. There are not enough truly mature, responsible Adult leaders for people to turn to. There are more needy immature people than there are healthy leaders to rely on, which creates a social environmental disaster. ‎ A psychological vicious cycle that spins out of control. It’s just like I lived growing up that people didn’t want to take seriously. Now it’s a hige problem. Been warning people for decades about mental health. Knew it was the most impostant thing decades ago.
 The entire police dept killed Alfred Olango when it rallied around him for sexually harrassing the female officer thereby, enabling him to acquire even more momentum in his arrogance.
 Gonzaves should have been fired for texting a pic of his penis to his, then, subordinate officer but, he wasn’t. Other cops joined in in harrassing her.
 John Snook of the Treatment Advocacy Center wrote Overlooked and Undercounted said,  ‎people who are having an emotional episode are 16% more likely to be killed by police.
‎Why are we not having mental health professionals show up for Emotional episodes instead of police? Snook asked. Police are not mental health professionals.
“If you call to help the mentally “ill”‎ we will kill them” said Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. “What kind of message is that?”.
 We don’t call police for a heartt attack. We need to see emotional health the same way, said Snook. “People don’t get care until they’re in a crisis. We have to take mental health seriously”.
 Saying this since the early 70’s.
 Mental “illness” is simply a health DEBT. It’s someone being put deeper into psych DEBT due to lack of healthy relationships and someone there who cares and listens. So the persons needs get swept under the rug and they’re treated like they don’t count. But, nature says otherwise. All people count and are a part of nature.

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